Facebook Files S1

A webpage is a webpage. What is popular today can be dead or ignored tomorrow. It has happened before (like Geocities or MySpace), it will happend again on the future.

Facebook may have some resistence to it, but then the internet will invent something better than a social site like it.

Facebook have my first and middle names, a false date of birth, an IP address showing me somewhere in southern England and no other personal data. They also know by my history that I hardly ever use facebook.

Google know i was searching for sofa’s and Qt3 had sofa banners up for a while. That’s fair enough imho.

Welcome to Erie, PA

I liked the quote on the O’Reilly blog about this:

… Facebook is running out of target market, and especially target market with pockets deep enough to be monetised. But I think that’s the last piece of Facebook IPO analysis that I’ll link to. Tech Giant IPOs are like Royal Weddings: the people act nice but you know it’s a seething roiling pit of hate, greed, money, and desperation that goes on a bit too long so by the end you just want to put an angry chili-covered porcupine in everyone’s anus and set them all on fire. But perhaps I’m jaded.