Facebook games: Stardrift Empires

Kotaku had a glowing preview of this Facebook game that invoked TradeWars 2002, one of my favourite games ever…anyone else going to play this?

I signed up as “Commander Blair.”

Oh lord, I hate Facebook games so very much…but it has spaceships…DAMMIT…

You can’t buy Facebook Brian. Even if they’re on sale.

Yeah, Facebook is a no-no for me. Maybe if it comes to Google Plus.

I wouldn’t buy it if it was on sale.

This looks like the Facebook version of oGame.

Hah, one more to add to the list! Thanks!

Something like google plus makes more sense to me if I play a game and expose only my gamer circle of friends to the game.

I have a friend who has been playing this game since HS, so he’s been playing for nearly 10 years.


I hate facebook, and facebook games, but went ahead and signed up for it. Fairly simple so far, here is my “referral” link, which adds folks who sign up as crew members.


Don’t tase me bro!.

After failing to fill a catpcha, I got this:

Your account has been suspended.
You were suspended for: suspicious activity
Please contact us for more information.


It don’t seems very well programmed, if the first error on the captcha triggers account ban.

No, that’s working as intended.


Remember when captcha’s used actual words?

I like how they tend to be random pseudo-words now, so if you can’t figure out that distrorted thing in the middle theres no way to context the solution either.

Wait, didn’t I play this 2 years ago? I thought it was Starfleet Empires? Or Starfleet… er, something. Is that the same thing? If it is, I’m fucking OUT. I really hated how much time I spent building up my empire, just to have some ass hat come down and attack and wipe out all my shit in one stroke while I was sleeping.

very initial first impressions, they need to put everything up into one full screen so that players don’t need to scroll up and down the page constantly to manage things.

Finnally I am in.

Is Ogame, is prettier than oGame and has more things to do than ogAme. But is still ogaMe. So if you somehow escaped the adiction to ogamE,… AVOID THIS. It feels like the same thing, with some of the weird facebook compulsions added.

Yeah this is feeling like a Facebook cash grab again, I might have to hunt down some BBS door/telnet hosts for TW2002 and play that instead.