Facebook "New Profile"

They’ve replaced the old profile page with some new monstrosity. If it asks you to upgrade just say no.

Zuckerberg unveils Facebook changes, talks about movie on ‘Sixty Minutes’

Everything you need to know about the new Facebook profile. The plus’, minuses and surprises.

It is too late, I “upgraded” and don’t think I can go back… is there anyway to remove the 6 or so photos it puts right on my page that I would rather not have showing every time someone looks at my page?

Ugh, thanks for the warning. The screenshot on that link is enough to put it off for as long as possible.

It’s the six most recent photos you’re tagged in, so you can just take six photos you’d rather see there (even a 30x30 blank white square), put them in an album visible to only you, tag them as having you in the picture, voila.

Can’t you just make those photos private or friends only?

The link barstein provided mentions if you misover them there’s a red x you can click to make those photos go away.

I actually like the new profile page a lot. shrug

I don’t hate it as much as everyone else seems to. In fact, I don’t hate it at all. It’s no worse than the last iteration.

Yeah, every time Facebook changes the profile and feed pages people get pissed. A couple weeks later and it is forgotten. It’ll be the same with this one.

I don’t like it. It takes more clicks to see the same information. Also, more scrolling.

Facebook has profiles?

Seriously though, I can’t remember when I last went to someone’s profile on purpose. If it isn’t in my news feed, I don’t care.

Totally unrelated but the mention of pictures got me reminded of this…were you people aware that even If you have your pics privacy set at “friends only” anyone who requests to friend you, while waiting for your acceptance (or denial) can see all your pics? I guess not a big deal unless its a parent, boss or anyone else you’d rather keep your pics from.

I don’t think that’s true.

I’m somewhere between this:

and this:

For the most part, the new profiles seem fine to me. But, considering I never use them anyway, its not that big of a deal. It took me a few minutes to make sure there was nothing I didn’t want popping up, but after that its a fairly insignificant change.

I just wish I could have added “Bad English” to my list of languages.

I wanted to add “Pirate” but they didn’t have it. They did have “Klingon” though.

I speak English, American English, British English, English in the United States, North American English, Northern American English…

Sometimes I hate Facebook for the sheer stupidity of it. “Profanity in American Sign Language” is a language you can pick?

I had to add that to my profile. I’m far from fluent though.

I think there is one profane sign everybody is fluent in…