Facebook QT3 Group

So uh, if you have a Facebook account search for the Quarter to Three group and send a request to me to be added. :)


Since you’re probably lazy, here’s the link.

I’m even lazier than that. You should send me a request.

Isn’t this for teenagers/young adults in college?

Primarily. Facebook did open up to high schoolers then everyone in order to compete with MySpace, although both initiatives largely failed.

Every simple-minded person I know is on Facebook or MySpace.

So, if I’m on both does that make me more complex? or even simpler?

What have I told you about your Facebook trolling, Kuni?

Failed? Hardly:


… but the missus demands fresh meat! The Chianti is turning over and the fava beans are growing mold. :(

If you’re lazy like nKoan just list here what your facebook name is and I’ll send an invite.

<_< I"ll just join the group.

No pictures for you old people to ‘ponder’ over though, so sorry.

Though, I just signed up.

Justin Utegg


How do we know those aren’t college students?

It either gets you laid, or it gets you paid. Guess which one Facebook is for?

Hookers? Oh wait, that must be craigslist.

Actually my students communicate through it, so I’m on it. Request sent.

Already at my maximum 30 facebook groups before I turn into some kind of poser.

I’m too rustic for Facebook. I think “rustic” is the right word.

All I know about facebook is that it’s aptly named. My daughter is home from her freshman year in college and she sits in a chair and holds her lapbook up to her face and facebooks all day and all night. Her face is in her notebook ALL the time, and facebook is what she does. Myspace is lame, she tells me.

Facebook is the same idea as Myspace but without the Geocities look to 90% of the pages (no page customization). I think it has more in common with Orkut or Friendster though.

I approved a batch of requests this morning.

One of these really have to prevail as a winner. I thought MySpace had won, even with the horrible page designs. The default page looks like something I coded in textpad in 1996. Visible table boarders!?

The problem, I think, is that these sites actually work best only when people are joining. They’re excited, they check back three or four times a day, here are always new people, but not so many that it’s unmanageable.

MySpace is becoming stagnant and over saturated at the same time.

And full of bots, lets not forget full of bots.