Faces of War demo out (pseudo-sequel to Soldiers: HOWW2)

Can’t wait to give this a go when I get home. I absolutely loved Soldiers.

Anyone play this?

I played the demo for awhile and REALLY like parts of it:

  • All vehicles can be disabled, destroyed, partially disabled, flipped over from explosions, etc, etc. It all feels very natural.
  • Weapons/troops/vehicles are fun to command and pretty powerful.

I wasn’t sure about:

  • How hard it is. The objectives are very vague and I had to watch the computer do the “Demo” of the map to see what they meant for parts of the game.
  • It’s very easy to have the battle turn around on one bad grenade throw. Lost 3 guys as I tried to pull out at one point because someone got off a good grenade and destroyed the truck I was riding in. :P I don’t really mind this as it’s pretty realistic, but it changed the battle right quick. :)
  • Buggy mission? I did everything on the objectives and escaped and it told me I failed the mission. Very easy to fail the mission.
  • I had a guy as part of my squad that wasn’t supposed to die, but he was automatically selected each time I selected everyone and ran into battle. That was pretty annoying.

Overall, while I have more worries than not, it was a lot of fun. Felt very modern JA2 real-time. More than once though I wished I could pause and issue some orders…

Haven’t decided if I’ll buy it or not.

I’m assuming you’ve never played the prequel to this, Soldiers.

The game is entirely based around time management. Press “backspace”, and you can choose between 5 time settings. I played almost the entirety of the demo in .25 speed. You can also press “pause” and give orders. You don’t get feedback, but the order is issued.

Another big part of the game is taking manual control of the soldiers. Press “END” to toggle between manual control. Then use the arrow keys to move your guy/vehicle around and the mouse cursor/button to shoot.

The demo is really really good. They’ve polished the game up a lot from Soldiers, and the battles seem to be much more epic with a lot of CPU controlled allies running around.

Also, the engine runs like a bat out of hell now. Soldiers 1 kind of ran like a dog at times.

Yeah, I never played Soldiers…

The manual control and speed things are both pretty interesting. I’ll have get more into that. I think I’m sold though, I already want to play more of it. When is it available?

The camera control and limited field of view of Soldiers drove me crazy… I was used to playing Close Combat where you have a birds eye view of most of the map.

I probably should have given it more of a chance though.

I snagged the single-player demo of this the other day (I know, late for the party) and it won’t let me run it because “something is hooking into SecuRom”. It suggested scanning for viruses (which I did, no viruses) and spyware–I used Spybot and AdAware, and found nothing but some tracking cookies with the former. Spyware Doctor’s free scan shows some tracking and advertising cookies the others missed, but that’s it. Ubi’s forum says nothing about how to fix the bug–basically want you to take it up with SecuRom, pfft.

Too bad, I love Soldiers:HoWW2 and wanted to try this game out, but Ubisoft’s not helping much.

I had a similar problem. Try what it says on this page, even if you aren’t running virtual drives. It basically resets the SecuRom registry entry for you:

I wasnt too impressed with the demo. The voice acting is godawful and your infantry squads move around like a gaggle of confused tourists…

Blob warfare, ww2 style!