Fact Check: Obama 30 minute ad


I’m pretty disappointed about the health care stuff. Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting Universal Health Care in an Obama Administration.

I’d like to know how removing troops from Iraq is a spending cut if he then immediately ships them to Afghanistan and increases overall troop levels in the military branches.

Obama is planning on shipping every soldier in Iraq to Afghanistan? Wha?

Sorry, I don’t keep up with this. I thought he said that America should refocus on that country. Of course it’s hyperbole to say every soldier will move over there, but I’m still curious about the numbers in terms of savings, only because my guess is it won’t be much (though every bit helps!)

Given the fact that there are already other countries operating in Afghanistan, the US wouldn’t be going it alone, which would be a help right off the bat. Multilateral operations ftw.

I’m not going to claim to be an expert here, so I may have some of these facts wrong, but this is what I remember from listening to Obama speak on his plans for Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants to do a staged withdrawal from Iraq. As we lower troop levels in Iraq he wants to send two battalions to Afghanistan. Then he wants to get to the point where we are no longer stop-lossing soldiers who have done their time out in the field. From my understanding, that means increasing recruitment because there are a lot of soldiers who have spent more time than they should have in a war zone.

I don’t know what any of this means in money terms, obviously. But I believe cutting funding to mercenaries and contractors is part of that plan.

Is there a special prize for the 1000th thread that you start about how you are disappointed in Obama because of [insert reason of the day]? Because man, you’re close!

You can reduce contractor headcount if you are also reducing troop headcount. The nature of the post Cold War military is logistics functions have been outsourced.

The reality is, his numbers don’t have to make sense. The question will be, who is he going to make most unhappy once he takes office?

Even during the primaries he wasn’t really pushing universal healthcare. I don’t know why you are disappointed. We know you are upset that hillary didn’t get nominated but seriously, try grasping at something other than straws at this point.

Thanks Angie. I guess two battalions isn’t much, and stop-loss avoidance is certainly worth paying for. I just saw -X in Iraq + Y in Afghanistan = Z “savings” for all these other programs and my alarms went off a bit. :) Ron Paul had the same problem when he suggested that shutting down all the foreign bases with troops stationed there would be enough to eliminate the US income tax. On the right track, but the numbers don’t always work.

We’ll see in 2 or 3 years, I guess!

The downside is, the more international participation, the greater transport and logistical support the US has to provide.

Pardon me for believing strongly in an issue that effects every single life in the United States.

Not bad! Pretty good mock sincerity, and the dash of indignation is a nice touch. But I don’t think you get points for posting again in the same thread. Go out there and start more new ones! Time’s running out!

I beleive the military commanders in Afghanistan are asking for 20,000 additional troops. Not all of these need be American, but even if they were this is just a fraction of what is being employed in Iraq.

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If anyone is in a position to critique somebody else’s trolling technique, it’s Dirt.

I wonder if the military commanders ask for that number to stay in Iraq if he will go with that as well.

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If you support universal healthcare, Obama is clearly better on this issue than McCain. Disappointment is fine, but it doesn’t affect voting in this case, does it? Or does it help other issues balance things out in McCain’s favor, dirt? Or is it just a statement that you wish Obama would do more?