Factor 5 halves workforce

Two employees claim that Lair developer Factor 5 has laid off 37 people from its San Rafael studio, with 38 remaining. The studio is apparently out of funding, following the closing of Brash Entertainment with whom Factor 5 had signed an extended development deal in March.

Pity, I always liked their Star Wars games. Why aren’t they simply doing another one for the PS3, PSP or Wii? I was under the impression that they were always quite profitable, even when reviewers hated them.


Poor Baker if F5 goes through with that.


On one hand, this sucks for the people involved and it sucks in the sense that I’ve loved some Factor 5 games all the way back to Turrican on the Amiga. On the other hand, they haven’t made a good game in long, long time.

They should have stuck with Star Wars.

Rogue Squadron?

The world will not miss. If they made X-Wing or TIE Fighter on the other hand…

I’m never going to see that Superman game they were working on, am I?