Now I have a tank.

Ho ho ho…

Tank is great, can just smash through enemy nests.

I realized that my new garden of factoreden was missing one crucial thing: coal for plastic. So, I went out looking for some.

The blue line is the endpoint of my electric line connecting the new factory to the old. I think that coal patch, far as it is, is still closer than piping the stuff in from the north…but I’m actually not sure.

I think I may have killed too many bugs. I am finding huge nests everywhere now, as you can see.

Do bug nests spawn into “cleared” areas? I was working on my new factory when I got notice that the old one was being attacked. So I went back there and cleaned up, assuming that some bugs had just gotten past my maginot line out west. There were a couple nests riiight on the edge of my pollution cloud that I’d been expecting to send attackers for quite some time. So I went out there to make the turret line a little more devious and got a notice that I was getting attacked again! No other nest on the map was even close to the pollution cloud, but given the direction of attack it seemed they had to be coming from the south. So I went down there and sure enough there was a small nest cluster, but it was in a part of the map I had already revealed, and it didn’t show up on the map at all until I got close to it. I thought nests only spawned into unrevealed map clusters. Incorrect?

I believe they can create new nests in areas that you’ve uncovered but isn’t actively visible to you. But my understanding is that new nests are started by bugs so if you clear a big area that they can no longer reach you’ll no longer get new nests. But if you clear a bunch of nests in an open area and leave for awhile they’ll have repopulated that region.

God damn it.

The bug part of the game for me was very much figuring out how to section off parts of the map that I could go clear and guarantee wouldn’t be able to be repopulated. Water chokepoints where possible with walls otherwise.

IIRC it’s a map creation settings, and by default they do respawn in cleared areas as @abrandt said. I usually play on the “train world” preset, which disables that setting (as well as setting resource patches farther apart, etc).

I want “belt world” where the patches are even closer!

Bugs spawn on an evolution based system. They evolve as you spew pollution over them and over time naturally. They send out bugs to form new nests wherever they can based on the density chosen at the start of the game. The only way to keep your factory protected is by using turrets and automated defenses. You can turn them off in peaceful mode. I personally turn them off cuz i don’t really play factorio to fight things.

You can set how rich each resource patch is and how frequent they are. You can totally do a belt world

Yeah, I know it’s very customizable. For this game (my first real playthrough, other than like 30 hours I spent doinking around in a friend’s factory setting up mining outposts and stomping nests) I decided to do Pure Vanilla.

Yup, I think pure vanilla is the right call for your first go. Find out what you like and then tailor the next map to it.

Oh my god, nuclear power is A Lot to get going.

It is. I just went with vast fields of solar panels for my first couple of games.

Refinement is particularly annoying because of the random outputs, enrichment is a very strange process that is difficult to design around, and if you’re not careful the whole thing clogs up and stops. I have an excellent saved blueprint for an enricher if it would be helpful.

No blueprints.


Dude, once you get the hang of blueprints… It’s like seeing through the matrix.

Well I meant no one else’s blueprints, although I haven’t begun to experiment with them myself, nor do I know where to even find it in the UI. Every machine is hand-placed in the tradition of my ancestors. Bespoke, artisan factory bits.

One thing I wish I’d known sooner was that the startup uranium refinement takes a long time before you start getting usable ratios of enriched material. Get that process started long before you’re looking to actually use it.

Jeez, I just took a look at the wiki page for reactors and this shit is pretty complicated.

I think there is some really crazy stuff you can do, but the basics aren’t that bad. It’s just a really bad chance of producing the isotope you want more of with the initial recipe, so you need to set up a bunch of centrifuges and keep processing until you have enough to start reprocessing to get a better return. Once you’ve got that cycle going you can start to actually create fuel for a reactor.