Their official images are always some combination of disorder and everything packed so tightly that they both make me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic and I’m pretty sure they kept me away from actually playing the game for a long time. But! Those rocket engine animations are mesmerizing. From the way all the components bounce around to the fluidity of the actual flame. I love it!

Doing an actual space age with multiple planets hadn’t occurred to me but in hindsight it’s the obvious next step to continuing to ramp up factory complexity. I’m interested in checking this out but I can already feel my brain melting a bit.

Delaying cliff explosives is bad for choo-choo’s, do not like!

Generate a map with fewer cliffs?

This made me laugh

A lot of people are going to make comparisons between the Space Age expansion and the Space Exploration mod. I’ve worked on the game design for both: On Space Age I made the first space + planets prototype builds and plus I’ve been involved in most of the gameplay discussions since. On Space Exploration, well it’s my mod, I made it.

Interesting. Thanks for that!

So outside of a game with Biters, is there any reason to keep old coal fired energy production up if you have nuclear set up and running? I imagine as long as you can find and haul in more uranium ore deposits that the enrichment process will keep you going for a long time (depending on how crazy your base becomes).

Nuclear power is quite a bit harder to set up, but yeah, once you have it, I can’t think of any reason to use coal unless you somehow run out of uranium deposits.

I think it would be more likely that I would lose interest in that playthrough before I lost access to uranium. Yeah, the initial set up and wait was a pain, but once the enrichment really kicks itself into operation it looks like it will go for a long time. Getting that first batch of u-235 though :)

Then getting the reactors set up, and just the current setup can supply over 5 times (1.2 GW Marty!) what I currently use, so thought I could quit wasting coal on power generation, and use it just for the smelting and maybe liquification.

I guess next thing is to look at fluid cars for transporting sulfuric acid out to the distant desposits.

The only problem is when it turns out you messed up something to do with the reactor setup and suddenly there’s spent fuel backed up and the reactors have stopped and nothing has power any more.

There is some solar as well, but if the base scales well beyond where it is currently it would be painful with the coal and solar/accumulators as backup as they would come nowhere near matching the reactor output. I oculd throw down some more massive solar farms help smooth things out in those cases.

One problem is that this map has a number of lakes, which have been a bit of a pain to work around unless I want to landfill them. At this point with this map I’m just messing with some of these areas I haven’t played with yet like nuclear power, and letting the base continue to launch rockets for the time being.

Latest Friday Facts is out:

Some nice QoL changes coming for robots, including dealing with traversing out of network areas.

Wake up honey, legendary factory just dropped, we gotta produce at a 100% bonus now.

I’ll be honest, the quality feature sounds awful. I thought the randomness in uranium processing presented an interesting twist on the production formula, but I definitely don’t want it everywhere in my factories. It also breaks the “you can always disassemble something and get 100% of its materials back” ethos of the game since the Recycler only gives you 25%.

It doesn’t sound awful to me, but I am very skeptical of it. Agreed that it was an interesting part of uranium processing, but I’m not sure about scaling it out to the whole game.

Also I would have preferred the Recycler to give 80% back or so. I think there should be a slight penalty, but 25% is too much. I understand the part about productivity modules enabling a net positive recycling loop, but I’d prefer to have it that items produced with a productivity module have fractionally reduced recycling (or productivity bonus items produce no recycling). I understand the implementation would be tricky, or at least annoying, but it must be feasible, I think.

Also, you can disassemble things in vanilla Factorio?

That was the question I had :)

Maybe I’m getting things mixed up with another game, but can’t you destroy a building and get 100% of the materials back?

You can pick up anything, which gives you the item you placed down. I wouldn’t call that “disassembly”. That is, you can put down a factory (so it’s on the map), then pick it up (so it’s an item in your inventory). But you can’t disassemble the factory item (in your inventory) into its component circuits, plates, and whatever.

Another Friday, another post from Wube.

Some clarifications about last week’s entry and then discussion about tech and planets.

Rails 2.0:

If they are going to improve anything I wish it is the oil systems.