Faëria - online strategy card game

So, practice runs with Pandora? Is there any advantage to winning three vs. losing two? I wonder if I can just start a match and resign, and then repeat and get my 1/3rd of a token credit if I don’t feel like playing?

You win three with pandora you get 1/3 of a pandora coin. Win 3 three times you get a free pandora run. Might as well play out the free Pandora run to see if you can win more.

Oh ok. I thought you got the 1/3 coin win or lose. It does make sense to play to win. Do you get XP also?

you do.

I really like this game and play it daily to get my daily win in and get the gold, etc.

Tonight I just played a Pandora practice game and went up against a dude with Hitler as part of his name. That really bothered me. I played the game (lost) and then emailed the company behind it and asked them to tell the guy to change his name. If they don’t respond in a positive way I’m done and deleting the game. There’s too much bad stuff already with tolerance of extreme right-wing sympathies, even if this guy’s name was a joke name.

Good for you. I can’t abide that sort of crap and I have no patience for any publisher that allows it.


Faeria just did something interesting- they went away from the F2P model back to a buy to play model.

Also touched up the game and tightened up the gameplay some, liking what I’ve been seeing.

Think “Full collection” is $25 now, with 2 expansions after that.

This has been mentioned in the Kickstarter thread, but I thought it was worth pointing out here too. Abrakam is making a roguelike card battler called Roguebook and is Kickstarting it.

If you would like to try the Roguebook alpha you can do so for 1 euro:


Roguebook aims to become the ultimate roguelike deckbuilder. Based on the legends of the Faeria universe.


This will get you a STEAM key for the alpha:

Limited Roguebook 1€ Pledge

In celebration of E3, get the Alpha for 1€ TODAY! We’re offering 33,333 limited Alpha pledges until Sunday, the 16th of June.

You will receive access to the Alpha version of Roguebook WITHIN 24 HOURS of making your pledge!

Why 1€ and not 1$?

Well, we’re from Belgium, that’s why. That’s how Kickstarter works. Any currency will do, though!

We appreciate your support in making Roguebook a reality.

I played some of the alpha.

It’s based on Slay the Spire, but has a number of twists.

First big twist: you play as two heroes. Using a card brings them to the front. This influences the cost of certain cards

Second twist: instead of upgrading the cards themselves, you upgrade with gems you acquire. Cards have sockets to put gems in. The cards you get from battles- they can have 0, 1, or 2 sockets, and there are events to put a socket in cards.

Third twist: the map is an overworld map, with locations on it, and kinda like One Way Heroics the edge of the map creeps up on you to force you to move forward.

These changes are all pretty good, and while I do think a commercial release would need more content, the framework for a great game is here already.

Agreed, I was just typing similar things in a separate thread. :)

There is now a roguebook thread here:


Looks like Abrakam is bankrupt.

That’s very upsetting. Faeria is great, and Roguebook had a lot of promise.

Sad news. :(

I backed both Faeria and Roguebook. The former was original and had some really cool mechanics. The second did indeed have a lot of promise.

EDIT: Strange though. 4 days ago, the latest comments on the Roguebook KS gave no indication that there were issues. They had just released a new alpha:


Did they make any statement anywhere?

They’re kick/banning people without comment if they bring up the filing in Discord, if that counts as a statement.

Sure seems fishy when they just got successful Kickstarter money.

I think they’re intending to make Roguebook. They are bankrupt, but that doesn’t mean out of business.

That doesn’t build much confidence.

I liked Faeria when I tried it, better than most of the card games out there, the board and cards combo was fun to play with. Sadly never seemed to have many players. A lot of the negative comments were based on the DLC method and sounded like the same cheapskates that whine about DLC in every game.

It pretty much was. Faeria’s major flaw was not sticking to their guns on their business model and going F2P for a bit. That turned out a lot of their customers who felt cheated, and the F2P folks didn’t whale it up any. They also needed the console launch (that’s still theoretically planned), and to not cancel the mobile version.

Just got the first 2020 update for Roguebook:

So Abrakam are indeed still working on it.

The Faeria base game is now free on Epic Games store for one week. Get it get it get it.

I have been very fond of Poxnora, Duelyst, Hearthstone, Eternal, Elder Scrolls Legends . . . I freaking love this. Great single player, multi player and even coop content.

I am Lykurgos in game too.