Failing Trump administration. Sad!


While there have certainly been bigger disasters in Presidential history, they mostly center around one specific event or series of decisions that can be pointed to as having defined that Administration.

The only thing that defines the Trump Administration is that it has proven itself, in only 9 months of existence, to be the singularly most incompetent,uniformed and inept Administration in U.S. Presidential history. We have a President who has to be “handled” to keep him from impulsive decisions and declarations that could prove disastrous for the nation. We have heads of departments of state that have zero background in their respective fields and are actively undermining the very mission of the department they head. We have a Congressional majority party that is in chaos, and whose representatives routinely say ridiculous things and propose ridiculous legislation. We have military guys essentially running the White House, and against all odds keeping us OUT of multiple wars. And we have a President, the unofficial Leader of the Free World, who tweets out the most inane, childish, irresponsible garbage to have ever been issued forth from what once was one of the most respected offices in the world.

And now we have fucking Sean Hannity in Trump’s ear swaying policy decisions.

It’s clown shoes, clown shoes all the way down.


Honestly I hope that nobody says this in any kind of meeting with Trump because I feel like he would take that as a challenge and immediately push to go to war with North Korea.

But your point is well taken. It can always be worse.


Very much in agreement.

In January of 2017, Trump got the keys to the car. Things were far from perfect, but he could be told at least that jobs were bouncing back, the economic recovery was slow but steady, we were drawing down military commitments to combat sites abroad, we had treaties in place to handle one enemy state’s nuclear development, and a dialogue ongoing to contain another’s. “You’ve got some stuff to deal with, but you’ve got a foundation to build from.”

8 months later, and it’s like you left a 3 year old at home with a bucket of paint and a ball peen hammer. Just unnecessary, idiot rage destruction everywhere.


I think John Oliver said it best. The Trump administration is “stupid Nixon”


The pipeline approvals, rollbacks of environmental laws (some of that admittedly hasn’t actually happened yet and other policy changes could set this country back for years. Not to mention our standing in the world community.


Sorry, what i meant by “at this point” was at the point in our contemporary judgement of history. Trump is worse than Bush before 9/11, although Bush was sabre rattling China and scuttling the Middle East peace process before terrorism swept all that way. But Bush’s effect on the world in sum is surely worse than what Trump has done to date.






This will be the first presidency that, rather than visibly aging the chief executive, is going to age each of us citizens. Hell, probably the world.


Yeah, well nuclear fallout will do that to ya.


To be fair, those would probably have happened under any (likely) Republican president.


Maybe…but choosing people to run EPA and other orgs that actively want tear them down? I’d hope not.


That’s pretty much what Bush 2 did for a lot of them. Maybe not quite as many, and quite as blatantly. But definitely many.


I mean there’s the party of drown the gov’t in the bathtub and the party of “maybe don’t murder poor people.”


How about the “make property values in Puerto Rico plummet so we can buy it on the cheap” party?



This is probably the most qualified nominee yet.

Which is no endorsement here.


Yeah, it wouldn’t have surprised me if he appointed a pastor that condemns meteorology and believes weather is determined solely by God’s mood or something.


I believe the AccuWeather CEO has previously called for the abolition of the National Weather Service, with its functions being taken up by private industry (like AccuWeather!)

This would be in keeping with Trump’s other picks.


Funny how that works!