Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Is it getting the reference if the reference is wrong?


Liberty Island is the sort of thing that might have UNESCO recognition though.


Only the best people.


Roland Freisler was one of the worst.


That name sounds really familiar–was that the infamous Nazi judge who would yell at the hapless defendants in show trials? And ended up getting killed in a bombing raid in 1945?


Yes, my knowledge of far right politicised judges is limited to him alone, but he’s worth mentioning in this context.


And eminently useful when you are in a foreign country and looking for some of the best historical sites to visit.

I say this as someone who is bouncing to one or two UNESCO World Heritage sites every weekend while in India.


A bloo bloo! My name is Craig, and I’m so fancy!


What was that Adam? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of the wind as I biked around 5th century Hindu temples…


Michael Lewis has an amazing ability to make dry boring subjects interesting. It is worth reading, but scary do see what the Trump team is doing…


One Saturday in early April, Omarosa Manigault caused a stir in the White House.

The “Apprentice” villain turned senior White House official brought members of her 39-person bridal party to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an extended wedding photo shoot, catching fellow senior aides and some security officials by surprise in her bridal attire. The visitors loudly wandered around, looking to snap photos in the Rose Garden and throughout the West Wing, according to four current and former White House officials.

While it’s unclear whether she received formal permission for the photo shoot, at least some lawyers and other senior aides were not briefed in advance, the officials said. They quickly banned Manigault, director of communications for the Office of the Public Liaison, from posting the pictures online, citing security and ethical concerns.

Ultimately, in my quest to better understand what, exactly, Omarosa does each day, I learned little more than the fact that she was getting married. I reached out to then deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders to find out more about the bridal luncheon—whether it was normal, in the middle of a workday, for a staffer to use the White House for a personal event? Did taxpayers, or Omarosa herself foot the bill?

“I have no idea… I will try to track her down,” Sanders responded. On Friday, a senior White House official emailed: “She did not have a bridal lunch but did invite her bridesmaids to have lunch with her in the navy mess which all commissioned officers are allowed to do.”


Is she a commissioned officer?


You’re probably making the mistake of thinking that the words that come out of the white house are supposed to make sense.


Come one guys, we all know what Omarosa is doing in the White House. Might as well just rename her Token.



“White House Mess” is an apt term for the Trump Administration…





Who is the woman who is Darth Vader cosplaying?