Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Maybe he meant “sort of a democrat” as in supported democracy and not authoritarianism. Which is accurate.

Or that everyone sane who doesn’t want to live in a dictatorship is now basically a Democrat anymore.


Also Mattis likes to read books, and actually values the lives of our soldiers.


It’s probably not even worth pointing out that Trump spent most of his life as a Democrat.


Wasn’t Mattis the one who corrected Trump on some matters of not understanding history or world politics?


And thus the disconnect.



Was it Mattis who called Trump a fucking moron? Or was he the one who called him a fucking idiot? Or maybe he was the one who compared him to a fifth grader?

So hard to keep track.


Yeah I lost count as well, thus the question. I know there have been a few who tried to subtly tell him he is an idiot by schooling him on something, (RE: Mattis and nuclear weapons if I remember correctly,) but I don’t remember when the moron/idiot stuff came about and who said what.


Rex Tillerson was the one who called him a fucking moron.


This was after the Mattis history lesson meeting though, I think?


Don’t “work the ref”, just install a new ref for your team!


McGahn is out. (Which was expected after the Kavanaugh nom wrapped up.)



I think Kelly should fuck off smartly at the double time, but I thought that years ago.


Scenes from the fight.


A top Trump administration political appointee who just two days ago was on track to lead the Interior Department’s inspector general’s office resigned Friday from the federal government, according to an administration official.

Suzanne Israel Tufts was scheduled to be interviewed Friday morning for another inspector general position elsewhere in the government, according to a person with knowledge of the interview. But she did not show up for the appointment.

Her departure ends a madcap week, as the administration quickly scuttled an arrangement to make Tufts acting Interior watchdog amid media reports and scrutiny from Capitol Hill lawmakers. Tufts did not respond to messages left on her cellphone.


The near brawl — during which Mr. Kelly grabbed Mr. Lewandowski by the collar and tried to have him ejected from the West Wing


Kelly was a marine. He could murder him so easy.


It’s like i can see into the future

This is the title page of the linked document.


Some choice quotes from the document.

The Nordic and European versions of socialized medicine have been viewed as so desirable by
modern U.S. socialists that they have proposed nationalizing payments for the healthcare
sector (which makes up more than a sixth of the U.S. economy) through the recent “Medicare
for All” proposal. This policy would distribute healthcare for “free” (i.e., without cost sharing)
through a monopoly government health insurer that would centrally set all prices paid to
suppliers such as doctors and hospitals. We find that if this policy were financed out of current
Federal spending without borrowing or tax increases, then more than half the entire existing
Federal budget would need to be cut. Or if it were financed through higher taxes, GDP would
fall by 9 percent, or about $7,000 per person in 2022, due to high tax rates that would reduce
incentives to supply the factors of production. Evidence on the productivity and effectiveness
> of single-payer systems suggests that “Medicare for All” would reduce both short- and long-run
> longevity and health despite increasing somewhat the population with health insurance.