Failing Trump administration. Sad!





Mission Accomplished!


Most definitely not accomplished - Khomeini’s behavior today is the same as it was last week, and the same as it will be months after new sanctions go into effect. Total failure! Sad!


Also, too, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.


Well played, sir.


Oh noes, @malathor!


Miller? Jesus Christ.


You’re surprised?


I had the exact same thought. ‘Malathor is a white supremecist? Huh.’


I don’t understand the need to call specific people out, then inevitably getting pissed when they show up and say awful things.


Because I want to see him say how Sessions doesn’t actually matter, despite him constituting 25% of the list of people who explicitly were described as mattering.

(spoiler alert: literally nothing matters)


In general this is good policy, but the long history this forum has with Malathor presents special problems.


I mean… we already know that’s going to be the response though, and then he’ll either stick around here or shit up a few other topics before disappearing again and rile up a bunch of people in the process. Surely we’ve all got enough to be pissed off about already?


I dunno, the Democrats just took the house, ensuring that Trump will be investigated… so you guys really should be happier.


Aren’t you though?


I am extremely happy and relieved.


Shenanigans! The only @Timex is happy is in the Tequila thread. :)


I shouldn’t be surprised but apparently the Trump administration has a Ministry of Truth within it:

White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta


This is bold, scary, and a step that shows they don’t care. This is straight out of the North Korean handbook.