Failing Trump administration. Sad!


The first generation creates the lies and propaganda to fool the rubes into being on their side. The second generation isn’t in on the joke, but they believe all the propaganda is real and they are actually in charge now.



Some news outlets are reporting that Trump is going to fire Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen because… question mark


Yeah, the WaPo was reporting that today too:

Her crimes appear to be (a) Not genuflecting enought, (b) having been chosen by Kelly rather than Trump himself, ( C) caving on the family separation thing, and (d) telling Trump that some of what he wants to do is blatantly illegal.

Not even her Nordic beauty can save her if she’s not prepared to use it to persecute brown people to the nth degree.


I remember a section in Fear that said something about that. Apparently Trump didn’t want Nielsen in the first place, telling Kelly she was terrible. (Which of course could mean anything in Trump-speak, but certainly she wasn’t his top choice.) Kinda surprising she lasted this long, with that in mind.


Trump has decided to can, according to the Journal, John Bolton’s NSC deputy Mira Ricardel because of conflicts with the First Lady …

From the Journal

The president became involved in that decision at the urging of first lady Melania Trump, whose staff battled with Ms. Ricardel during the first lady’s trip to Africa last month over seating on the plane and requests to use National Security Council resources, according to people familiar with the matter.

The first lady’s team told the president that they suspect Ms. Ricardel is behind some negative stories about Ms. Trump and her staff.

Ms. Ricardel also repeatedly clashed with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and his Pentagon team over staffing decisions and policy differences, according to people familiar with the feud. That discord has created a chill in relations between Ms. Ricardel and Defense Department officials wary of her intentions, these people say.

Ms. Ricardel has served as a vital ally for Mr. Bolton as he settled into his West Wing role after taking the national security job in April. Mr. Bolton lost another loyalist last month when his longtime friend, Fred Fleitz, stepped down after serving just six months as chief of staff and executive secretary for the National Security Council.




It’s amazing that the whitehouse staff handling the President as though he were an infant has somehow become normalized.


Kelly’s out anyway (gotta promote FLOTUS’ toadies Kel!), so policy time is probably going with it.


Well hopefully he listens to the teachers and doesn’t fight “policy time” while he’s at work. Probably pushes back a lot more and has to go to time outs on the weekends though. At least, I’m assuming it’s similar to how my 4yo handles her nap times at preschool vs. at home.



I wish someone would do a mashup of Trump praising and then saying he doesn’t even know each person who quit or was fired.



Asked if the White House has a response to the statement from the First Lady’s spokesperson that Ricardel “no longer deserved the honor of serving in the White House” the official said: “the East Wing speaks for the East Wing.”

I asked the official if Ricardel will still be sitting at her desk tomorrow. The official said: “I don’t know, will you guys be sitting in your booths tomorrow? We’ll see.”


My 2 1/2 year old daughter has Policy Time at preschool. It’s right after Circle Time and right before Snack Time.


So it turns out before Trump made him the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the land, Whitaker defaulted on a $700,000 loan while failing to execute on a taxpayer-funded apartment renovation project.

While in private business, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker walked away from a taxpayer-subsidized apartment-rehabilitation project in Iowa after years of cost overruns, delays and other problems, public records show.

The city of Des Moines ultimately yanked an affordable housing loan that Whitaker’s company had been awarded, and another lender began foreclosure proceedings after Whitaker defaulted on a separate loan for nearly $700,000.

A Trump appointee who turns out to be a total fuckup who managed to fail upwards? Who could possibly have imagined?


The sad thing is, as bad as Whitaker may be, Trump is likely to replace him with someone equally as odious. Or worse.


I guess the longer they’re playing Musical Chairs of the Stupid, the less time they’re fucking shit up amongst the people who actually know what they’re doing.


WSJ says that if Kelly goes, his likely replacement is Pence chief of staff Nick Ayers.

Which is interesting, because Ayers was a prime suspect for being the one who wrote the “I’m a hero for fighting against Trump from inside the administration” NYT editorial.


Whitaker is…really something, isn’t he?

During the current U.S. attorney general’s time on the company’s advisory board, from 2014 onward, World Patent Marketing:

● Claimed that “DNA evidence collected in 2013 proves that Bigfoot does exist,” had a website selling Bigfoot paraphernalia and planned a celebrity event called “You Have Been Squatched!”

● Asserted that “time travel” could be “possible, perhaps within the next decade” and tried to raise money using bitcoin for time-travel research by one of Whitaker’s fellow board members. The company suggested users might “relive moments from your past” or “visit your future.”

● Announced, in the same media release heralding Whitaker’s appointment to the board, a patent application for an extra-deep “masculine toilet” for the well-endowed. Specifying the size of “average male genitalia,” the release said “this invention is designed for those of us who measure longer than that.”

Here’s the so-called “masculine toilet” Whitaker patented:


In a conventional toilet, the toilet bowl and seat have an egg shape. The egg shape is an oval in which one end has a more narrow curvature than the other. The narrow end of the oval is roughly V-shaped and the broader end of the oval is roughly U-shaped. In a conventional toilet, the V-shaped end forms the front of the toilet bowl and the U-shaped end forms the back of the toilet bowl, which is located toward the seat hinge and tank. The narrower curvature at the front of the toilet creates limited space for male genitalia when a man sits on the toilet seat. This limited space can cause contact from male genitalia with portions of the toilet, which is undesirable as those portions may be contaminated from human waste.


This. Let chaos reign in the Trump Administration, as it keeps them from accomplishing anything more than silly Executive Orders that can be cancelled in January of 2021 when responsible adults take over the White House again.