Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Pence has been biting his tongue so hard for the past 2 years it’s a wonder there’s anything left in there.

Never in his wildest dreams could he have hoped that he’d be a heartbeat away from the Presidency with only a stressed-out, criminally-investigated, burger-gobbling septuagenarian in his path.


I’m already terrified, so I’m fully on board with the entertaining aspect of it.


Schadenfreude thy name is Trump.



Good to see but I would bloody well hope so.

No self respecting DOJ member should want to associate themselves with a man whose sole qualification for being appointed is that he will be Trumps creature first and foremost.


So… he can run with a different VP though right? Has that really been done midway?

ooh lookie here.

Yes it can and has been just not during modern runs.


In FDR’s case, the switch likely had pretty huge consequences for world history.

Funny thing about Lincoln. Obviously Andrew Johnson turned out to be a pretty shitty successor. His first VP, Hannibal Hamlin, is kind of a cipher. You can read dozens of Civil War books and not see a sentence about him. I know, because I have. Granted, the VP was a singularly useless office in those days.


Not sure where this goes, but it’s amusing:


For those of us wondering who Bill Mitchell is and why M.Oberly thinks we should care:

“A lot of Trump people conflate being lucky with understanding politics, and he certainly is one of those people,” Republican strategist Rick Wilson told the Observer.

Last fall GOP pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson told Buzzfeed that Mitchell fits the “post-fact environment.”



So much winning. Giving up fights with the media plays well with Trump’s base, right?


Draining the swamp!


You know he needs Acosta there. He could, of course, just refuse to call on him - but my prediction is that he will not do that. He feels he gets tons of airtime and base-points every time he gets pissy with CNN.



But her emails…


Lock. Her. Up.


She claimed she didn’t know she couldn’t use her personal email.


Just in time for the new Democratic House!

I look forward to all the investigations! This is gonna be fun! :)




To sum up: WH revoked pass; doubled down on revocation after CNN sued; tripled down after judge ruled in favor of CNN TRO request; and now appears to have bailed on the whole thing, with the condition that people comply with new press-conference rules. Businesses often tell their congressional reps and Cabinet officials that what they need most is a stable regulatory environment. This is the exact opposite.
Not much change here. After all, there’s long been a discretionary second question at briefings. Sometimes – many times – @PressSec grants them, sometimes she does not.