Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Rex ain’t out yet.


Maybe it isn’t such a great idea to antagonize one of the men that can have you temporarily removed from office, if only he can convince seven more of his fourteen peers in the Cabinet, plus the vice president, to declare you unable to discharge the powers and duties of your office.

On the other hand, I’m not sure Rex could get seven other Cabinet members to bite the hand that is feeding them. Maybe acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke or Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin would stand behind him, as they seem to be dedicated civil servants. But the others… we chat about this thread.

Maybe that’s why Trump is president and I’m only one of 181 million people that disapprove of his job as president.


Looks like Flynn is next, as expected. He is expected to plead guilty to lying to the FBI in court today. Is that obstruction?

This administration is unbelievable. Flynn is probably the guy with the most integrity they had and now he’s a criminal. I can only imagine how terrible the Trump family actually is.


Man, we REALLY need some indictments on the Trumps or Jared. The spin has continued to be, “not me, but these guys, well they did stuff on their own.” Until the bottle spin lands pointing at Trump directly, we’ll continue to get nothing happening from Congress.


To be fair, lying to the FBI is pretty tame as far as crime goes.


It’s almost certain, according to wild speculation from many sources, that this is the tail end of a plea bargain negotiation to save his son from jail somehow. He’s turning over evidence to get a better deal and this charge is the reduced charge.


I don’t even think it’s “wild” speculation at this point. Almost every single analysis of this I’ve seen has said that this one light charge, in the face of everything we already knew, indicates that Flynn flipped hard and gave Mueller something juicy.


I sure hope this is the case. Even with several key figures being arrested, still all I see is a lot of smoke and no fire. The problem here is so much media speculation to generate sexy headlines, some legitimately shady business, and still no evidence that Trump is directly involved with any illegal activities.



That would be a…big thing.


Up to 5 years in prison isn’t that tame.


This is a heck of a thread. Down near the bottom (so far) he reminds us of a few important things. If Flynn was flipped to squeal on someone above him, note well that there were only two people above him: the VP and the Prez. He also listed some crimes that Trump could actually be on the hook for: obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and aiding & abetting computer crimes.


This feels like it! Where is the champagne, let’s get it on ice!


I mean the crime is tame, not the penalty.


Sure, but it’s also a plea deal. Wouldn’t be much of a deal if they hit him with the big stuff.


True in the literal sense, but not (necessarily) in the ‘who is the bigger criminal fish’ reckoning of Mueller.


We’ll know just how bad this could be for Trump by the amount of incoherent rage Tweeting that happens this afternoon through the weekend. A steady stream of “Muslims Bad” and “Fake News Media” sprinkled with a heavy dose of frequent pivoting to “Benghazi” and “Her Emails” means someone has alerted Trump that he may be fucked. The more trouble he’s in, the more he will try to override the headlines and play to his base by distracting with Tweets.


How would that be any different from any other day?


Yeah, do you remember, uh… two days ago? When the president of the united states re-tweeted debunked videos from a fascist hate group?


I stopped following Seth, he kept posting these long hyperbolic threads and then nothing would happen. Is he reputable?