Failing Trump administration. Sad!


I thought the next one in imminent danger of being fired was Kirstjen Nielsen in Homeland Security?


She just tear gassed brown kids, she’s back on the Nice list.


I didn’t realize she made the call for that, I thought it was directly from the President. Was it border forces or Army forces that stepped in and fired tear gas?

I was going based on the radio chatter and this article from a couple of weeks ago:

This tidbit just annoys the hell out of me:

Trump has [berated] her during Cabinet meetings, belittled her to other White House staff and tagged her months ago as a “Bushie,” a reference to her previous service under President George W. Bush and meant to cast suspicion on her loyalty.

I don’t have any love for anyone in his administration, but what an ass he is.


But those aren’t political positions. Also it tends not to affect their job performance.

If a CEO fucks over his company to make a bid for a political position, he probably wont be CEO any more. If a prosecutor fucks over the justice system to make a political bid, no one even notices because they all do it anyway and they’re probably doing it to poor minorities anyway.


This is legit the best news of this news-heavy day (at least until Trump picks someone even worse.)


Which is why I find it continually surprising that people continue to want to work with the guy. Though, I am sure there are hundreds of people who have turned down jobs in the administration without us even hearing about it.


I think I missed which prosecutor you were talking about, Shiva. Is it just one in particular?


I know a man at my church who, years ago, used to be a drug addict and dealer. He spent his time in jail and somewhere along the way, during his last time in jail I think, got saved and reformed his life.

So, he was starting a business, running meetings for recovering addicts, and in general had reformed himself into an upstanding citizen.

One day he gets called in for questioning. It’s been years since he’s been part of the drug scene so doesn’t really think anything of it. He goes without a lawyer.

They ask him questions which amount to “Do you know this person? Have you met that person?” He tells them he’d ran across them at some point in the past.

Then he gets charged for being in criminal conspiracy for no other reason than he had casually met certain people at some point in the past. He’s convicted.

They offer a plea deal with a catch: go undercover for us. He points out that it’s been years since he’s been in the scene, he has no contacts anymore so no way to infiltrate anything, and he’d rather go to jail anyways than even do so much as pretend to be a part of that lifestyle.

Before sentencing, many people write letters of reference for him. I have no printer and for some moronic reason don’t think of taking a jump drive to a print shop so I edit my rough draft on PC and then write the final copy by hand.

I point out his good works in helping others, especially addicts, and that his role is “providing an example that real personal reform is both possible and worthwhile”. My final sentence is “Based on my observations of 's character and his impact on others in our group: if he is removed out of society then it is my expectation that other people will suffer as a result and the community at large will be harmed.”

The judge reads all the letters. But due to minimum sentencing guidelines a year in jail is mandated. The judge apologizes before passing sentence.

Now, I don’t know who the prosecutor was by name but I do know what he/she/they got out of this: they broke up a drug ring! A criminal conspiracy foiled! They’re tough on crime!

So, that would be Exhibit A of a prosecutor who completely and totally followed the law yet was the prime instigator of a great injustice.

Exhibit B would be a former prosecutor who later became an attorney. A friend of mine was talking to the former prosecutor about his case history and the attorney says that he should go after his case’s prosecutor for malicious prosecution (I forget the exact terms but something to that effect). My friend then looks at that the attorney and reminds him, “You were the prosecutor for that case!”


Wow, you just reminded me of this -very- similar story. And both of your examples are great. Complete overreach by a prosecutor.

In 2002, Cindy Shank was living with her boyfriend, who dealt drugs and was shot and killed outside their Michigan home. Police arrived and found a stockpile of cocaine inside. Cindy was released by the authorities and soon began a different kind of life: She married another man, Adam, and had three daughters.

Some six years later, Cindy was arrested, tried and convicted on conspiracy charges from that 2002 drug find. Under minimum sentencing laws, she was given 15 years in prison. The director Rudy Valdez, who is also her brother, worked on appeals and clemency petitions. He also taped hundreds of hours of video of her children, so she could have some record of their childhood.

And a link to the documentary on HBO (via HBO Now):


This is from a member of the President’s Cabinet. What the fuck world am I living in?




hey ryan, trying to remember—did you ever explain how whitefish energy, a two person company from your hometown, got a multimillion dollar contract and royally fucked puerto rico? there are a lot of people who are still super curious about that!! let us know, thanks!



Fuck your Christmas!


Y’know, he could just SAY he’s doing that, then send everyone home anyway. It’s not like Don’s hard to fool. “Look, here’s a picture of all the troops at the border wishing you a merry Christmas! See how many of them there are? Way more than ever wished Obama a merry Christmas.”


Might as well add that they are building the see-through wall, so see-through you can’t see it!


Only bad hombres can see the wall.


Actually there’s a thought… I wonder if he’s heard of Canute.

You could put a throne on the border and he can turn back the tide. If he happened to get pushed into Mexico without a passport you could take what 6 years to sort out his re-entry.


William Barr is leading attorney general candidate in Trump discussions

This seems…sane. Someone with actual experience! Still likely to put limits on Mueller, of course, doubt Trump would pick anyone without that.


I don’t have any confidence that there are any sane people left who would choose to work for Trump. I’ll believe this pick when I see it.


So Kelly is out.