Failing Trump administration. Sad!


No one needs a security clearance to know what the CIA did, and why, in Guatemala. It’s not a compelling case. As cases go, it’s not remotely different than ICE’s current marching orders.

Also, too, I did have a top secret clearance.


You disagree with their methods, but the rationale made sense to people at the time.

Regardless, we’re talking about over 60 years later. America at the time didn’t let black people vote for crying out loud.


The rationale always makes sense to the people doing the bad things.

The CIA was torturing people just over a decade ago. Kidnapping them. Killing them. Probably still are, occasionally.


… wait for it …


Russian grammar doesn’t use articles.

Just saying.


It’s either that or Trump personally wrote the release… the grammar is atrocious!


Can we rename the immigration thread with that nugget, above?

“We are not replacing short, outdated and ineffective wall with similar wall.”


So… it’s going to be Jared, right?


Trump keeps striking out. Hilarious,


We need to flip this around.

Who’s the absolute worst possible choice for this job?

Steve Miller.

It’s going to be Steve Miller.


Works for me!



Rush or Hannity or the corpse of Breitbart?


… I think Miller is too smart to take it. He’s learned the lesson of Bannon and stayed safe by scuttling under the sink whenever Trump turns the light on.

I’m betting on Jared. Or nobody (which is functionally the same thing.)


Steve “Put me back in coach!” Bannon?


Are they taking applications from the general public yet? Do they have Sarah Sanders combing the local college campuses and dropping in on any Young Republican groups in the area?


Jose Canseco is willing to take the job:


That seems vaguely… homoerotic.


Okay, which Jared would you rather Trump appoint as Chief of Staff? Goober Jared or Subway Jared?


That depends on what Subway Jared offers for $5.


I would guess that Subway Jared is capable of much much less damage overall than the alternative. Just keep him away from kids and he’s the preferred choice.