Failing Trump administration. Sad!



Apparently this is a thing the Navy does. Preibus will train for two weeks and then be a naval reserve officer. Seems like a slap in the face to the people who go to Annapolis for four years to become Naval officers, but I guess it’s politics.


John Mulaney will be a great chief of staff


People don’t go to Annapolis to become Naval Reserve officers. They go to get their bachelor’s degree (required for officers) and then join active duty.

Preibus already has a degree, and two weeks a year is pretty typical for the reserves. Note also that directly commissioned officers don’t generally have to go through boot camp.


Haha. Mulvaney wanted a safe exit. Just the kind of thing that’ll kill this talk of no one wanting to be Cheif of Sraff.


So can anyone join the reserves? If I was in my 40s and had never served, would they have taken me? And all I do is two weeks a year? Do I get VA healthcare out of that?


I don’t think you need too many qualifications to become enlisted naval reserve. But that means going through the full boot camp.

For direct commissioned officers, I think it’s harder. You need a degree and some sort of professional training useful to the Navy. For instance, if you are a doctor, a lawyer, or a member of the clergy then there is probably a spot for you. I suspect they could find Preibus useful too.

I believe when you are inactive you do two weeks a year, plus a weekend a month. I’m not sure what the obligation is if you are called up for active duty.

Reservists may be eligible for some VA benefits, especially if they go on active duty. As you might expect, there is a complicated formula involved.


If you can become a reserve officer with only 2 weeks of initial naval officer training, then it’s a sham. An officer with only 2 weeks of training isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit to anyone, even the Navy.


Zinke: OUT! Anyone have him in the deadpool?


I thought he had already left in disgrace months ago. Too hard to track all the corruption.



It’s not a sham, because DCOs don’t necessarily need a whole lot of extra training to start being useful to the Navy. They aren’t being trained for combat after all. So for instance a doctor in a Naval base may do pretty much the same sort of thing as a doctor in civilian practice. Two weeks are very likely to be sufficient to orient them to any part of their job that is specific to the Navy, eg their medical records system.


The Army spent more than two weeks just training me about my obligations under the UCMJ. They spent more than two weeks training me how to avoid being a war criminal. They spent more than two weeks training me on bearing and conduct and how to salute properly. And I was a private.

If the Navy needs civilian doctors or lawyers, then they should hire civilian doctors and lawyers. If they need officers, they should train officers properly. Pretending that civilian doctors and lawyers are officers is damned silly.

I mean, my father was a career navy officer. My brother was a career Navy NCO. I was in the infantry for 5 years. I have some idea what officers are supposed to be.


Normally, reserve training is 7 to 9 weeks, if you were not already in the Navy. Most retried many guys i know in the civilian sector are in the reserves now, as it helps continue your career while doing civilian work.

The benefits you get are not the same as if you were in the military full time, just like benefits for a part time job are less than a full time one. It’s expected that you would be getting your main benefits from your civilian job. However, i believe that the time you spend does in fact contribute to your final retirement pay, which is part of why guys continue with it after leaving active duty.


No civilian doctor or lawyer will agree to drop what they are doing and go an extended overseas tour at a moment’s notice.

And that’s what DCOs are for. Overseas officers need to be replaced. Frequently. The Navy is not in position to put out a job listing and wait for applicants every time this happens. Either they have a doctor ready to replace the one who left, or their hospital will be short staffed.

Finally, I don’t know about the Army but Naval recruits are done learning UCMJ, etiquette, etc by week three. At that point it’s mostly weapons and ship operations.


Magnet is correct. That particular school in Newport is usually about 6 weeks long and is intended for professionals the Navy needs to fill non-line officer roles. It’s really about teaching you how to wear the uniform and work in a military environment. No one leaves that program and goes out to command sailors in battle.


If they’re a subject to being deployed, or even to staffing a military base domestically, then they surely don’t have the requisite training to be an officer. An officer has command authority, regardless of their specialty.


No they don’t. These folks are not line officers. They command their staff, made up of admin people and other people in the same roles.


I mean, here it is, all laid out by one of the best reporters in the biz in Saturday’s Post:

I’ll never not believe that Trump got into the race in 2015 as a means to a Trump TV end, a way to launch a network to take on Fox by not even trying to do news, and just opinion. And Trump would sit in the back of the class and throw spitballs at President Hillary Clinton.

And then Scalia died and Anthony Kennedy started letting folks know that he was going to retire in a couple of years, and the calculus within the GOP changed dramatically. Whomever was the 2016 nominee had to win, even if that meant President Trump, and in his typically addled, idiot way, DJT didn’t think through all the consequences and decided he was up for that.


Ya, I think trigger’s right. The worst thing that could have happened to Trump is winning the presidency.

What’s nuts though, is that he could have probably just sat back and been a do nothing president, and gotten praise for the judicial nominations.

All this overt corruption since taking office is totally unnecessary. There’s no reason for it. The fact that he can’t just shut the fuck up and behave normally shows how inherently corrupt he and his goons are. They can’t even ACT normal.