Failing Trump administration. Sad!


But where would Utah find another rich old white man with a shitty agenda to fill that Senate seat if Romney somehow wins?


Yup, he’s the new Jeff Flake.


You don’t need to believe he’s good, but you should applaud a republican writing an OpEd in a national paper, specifically attacking Trump.

You don’t need to give him credit for anything beyond that. You never need to vote for him. You can still hate him.

But give him credit for doing a good thing. Attacking Trump is a good thing.


Attacking him by applauding his domestic legislative agenda. Again, Trump is a Republican, who stands for what Republicans stand for. He’s just a rude one, and that rubs Mitt the wrong way. Sorry, but I don’t think the solution is polite versions of Trump.


I don’t hate him. I don’t wish any bodily harm to Romney. I am also not going to applaud him. He approves of what Trump is doing which means he gets no credit for attacking Trump. It’s just lip service. He doesn’t really disapprove of what Trump is doing so much as the way POTUS is conveying the message.


Yes, this.



No, he approves of SOME of what has happened under Trump… A tax policy pushed by the Republicans.

And you don’t need to agree with him on that.

But you and he agree that Trump is an immoral piece of shit. It doesn’t hurt you to applaud someone agreeing with you on something. It costs you NOTHING to do so.

Applaud behavior you want to see more of. It doesn’t imply you are applauding any of his other behavior.


Applaud that he makes the trains run on time.


No. I don’t agree with what your’e saying. Romney does not agree that Trump is an immoral piece of shit. What he agrees with is Trump is not speaking softly enough to people before he fucks them over. He still approves of fucking them over. That makes them both immoral whether one speaks softly first and the other doesn’t.


Ok. Never mind.


I get you want this to be some outspoken GOP member against Trump. He’s not. What he has written there might be the right words but what he has really written is he’s fine with what Trump has done, glad he got his results, now that’s it’s safe to peak his head out he’ll just trumpet the same old thing the GOP always trumpets, there is nothing wrong with our policies, just the message, and in this case, it’s the message and the messenger… but he’s happy with what happened.


Ok Mitt, put up or shut up.


Op-eds are cheap. You think Romney will vote different from McConnell? For impeachment? Against “border security”? To overturn the evil policies of DHS and all the other cabinet-level monsters? Seriously? Because if he doesn’t he might as well be a kowtowing maga-hat-wearing Trump flunky like the rest of them. We’ll see…


This is the problem. Some of the Rs will wring their hands a bit but when it’s time to vote, what do they do?


“Speak softly and carry a big swastika.” - Theodore Roosevelt


For what it’s worth, Timex, I do applaud that he went -very- public with that op-ed. I agree with the others here though, he’s also striking back against Trump for calling him out in the past. Then there is this key statement in his piece:

And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring.

Not Trump, not the President, the incumbent.

Let’s be clear what Romney is pushing, it’s Romney. This is nothing but a tee-up for future gain. We will surely see what happens with him as a senator now, under Trump.


The Furrowed Brow Brigade does need to replenish their ranks after Corker and Flake have gone. I look forward to Romey’s furrowed brow, his moments of being “concerned” or “troubled”. Maybe even the occasional thoughts and prayers if the situation is truly dire.


I dunno, Romney seems like a decent dude, for a vulture capitalist. He might stand up to Trump.


We’re talking about the same Romney that went full lickspittle when he thought he had a shot at a cabinet position? :)