Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Not sure what in Romney’s or any other Republican’s past has shown that to be a possibility.


This comes to mind.



You know, I agree with @Timex that it’s good to see Republicans publicly repudiate Trump. At the very least, it shows that they smell blood in the water.

However, I also agree with the other sentiments in this thread that people like Romney don’t really have a big problem with Trump’s policies, they just have quibbles about the terrible PR in how he is executing those policies. I think their main worry about Trump is that he’s giving their ideology a bad rap rather than having many complaints with actions Trump is taking. The tariffs are probably one of the few exceptions.

EDIT: I should add that I’m mostly talking about the domestic agenda. Trump’s foreign policy is a fucking disaster and I think everyone on both sides of the aisle can agree on that.


Like I said, you don’t gotta praise him for anything beyond saying that Trump is an immoral piece of garbage with poor character. You don’t gotta believe he’s gonna do anything else.

But the praise/attention that Romney is getting for this OpEd is good, because it’ll make it more likely that other Republicans will jump ship.


The sad thing is that a Never Trumper could in fact play a valuable role at this point. There’s a need for someone on the campaign trail who loudly draws attention to all the things that are perfectly true and obvious but that the media has proven it refuses to say out loud. That Trump is not up to the job. That he’s not a master dealmaker but incompetent, a bumbler and a fuckup. That he’s possibly senile and certainly an idiot. That he’s lazy and corrupt. That every day he’s in power the US grows weaker and weaker. And that, by abrasively alienating women, minorities, and young people - which is to say, the vast majority of the population - he’s either signed the death warrant for the Republican party, or for democracy in the US itself (because the only way for a Trumpist GOP to remain in power is to jettison democracy.)

Dems can’t do this effectively, because the media is programmed to automatically dismiss any Dem criticism of the GOP as “partisan” and “radical.” (And Dems won’t willingly point out that Trump is destroying the Republican party on the Napoleonic grounds of not interrupting the enemy while they’re making a mistake.)

So it would do the country a lot of good if some Republican would take the stage and announce loudly and abrasively, in terms that even a Trumper can understand, that god-emperor Trump has no clothes; that he’s a loser shitheel circling the drain with no marbles left, but his hands firmly planted on his followers’ wallets.

This will not happen. Instead in 2020 we’ll get a Comey or a Romney who will strike noble poses in glossy ads featuring lots of flags and eagles. They will talk a lot about Honor and Integrity and Being Our Best Selves. Occasionally they will drop a hint that Trump Isn’t Quite The Thing, and the media will wet themselves about how incredibly brave they are for taking a principled stand.

And Trump supporters will laugh at how lame RINOs are and go back to admiring their god emporer’s outfit. The Never Trumper will get 10% of the vote in the primaries, and will either disappear into obscurity or, Cruz-like, start kissing the ring.


I don’t think this is how it will play out.

Any primary challenger would likely go into it with the intention of being a spoiler in the general. Their goal would be to make Trump lose. And if they run in the general, they’ll likely have that effect.


I mean, it wouldn’t take much. If there is a Republican out there – retired or otherwise – that wants to put country first, they will run against Trump in the general. A few thousand less votes in a couple key states and we wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with.


Explain how this works. Romney runs in the primary. Gets 10% of the Republican primary vote and drops out. Yet somehow this causes Trump to lose…because reasons?


Presumably they run as a third party and Perot it.


Correct. They run as a “sane” alternative to the GOP nominee, knowing that they have no chance of winning but will siphon enough votes out of Ohio or Florida to push the race to the Democrat.


Because he’d run as a third party candidate.

It’s really the only reason to run, even in the primary. Doing so is likely to make them a permanent pariah in the party anyway.


OK, yeah, as a third-party candidate I can see the potential. You only really need to get 6-10% of folks who would have voted R (since some D voters would inevitably switch, too), to spoil Trump’s chances.

But it would take a lot of money.


Honestly, I don’t think it would take much money at all.

If a member of the GOP with some name recognition, like Romney or Kasich, ran… they’d get a mountain of free coverage by the media.

And they wouldn’t be trying to win… winning would be hopeless. They’d just be siphoning votes. Their goal would be purely to make Trump lose. I think you could do that with free media coverage, where they’d just love the story of someone taking on Trump from the GOP side.


Is there any reason to think that Romney would do any of this?


It’d be a longshot at best at this point.

But the guy does hate Trump. And Trump is gonna start attacking him even more now.


Given the choice between Trump (brow furrowed, concern!) and a Democrat in office, I can’t believe Romney or any other GOP candidate would willingly cede control of the Presidency by running as a third party. I’d be happy to be proven wrong but I just can’t see it happening.


No. He might run in the primaries if there’s enough dirt on Trump in Mueller’s report but I think in the primaries Trump will trounce him. The hardcore right are over-represented in primary voting.

Really, though, it’s impossible to predict. All of Trump’s actions and things that came to light before the election would have sunk any other politician, but it didn’t seem to lose him many votes. Heck, the evangelicals still support him and he’s a human garbage can without any morals.


I (almost) totally agree with this.

The only quibble I have is that the media will dismiss criticism from a Republican as well, if he is now or ever has been characterized as a moderate.


I don’t see any of the current crop of Never Trumpers running as third party in the general … except maybe Comey, who would probably get at best about 1% or 2% of the vote. (Though granted that may be enough.)

Nothing about what Romney and Kasich have done in the last two years suggests they’re the type to “leave the party” over Trump.


The Party’s already left Kasich. There’s no path forward for him within the GOP at this point.

For Romney, I feel like this OpEd puts him in a similar boat. Now, he’s a bit of a special case, given he’s a Mormon in Utah, and so he could probably roll as a Senator from that state for a long while given how respected his family is within the Mormon community.