Failing Trump administration. Sad!

Is not like the current administration would make it a priority to hide things from the American people. I don’t get the concern. Honest Don is in charge!

If they already had a SCIF it makes it sound like you are correct. Still, I’m having a hard time coming up with something beyond, “we shouldn’t tell anyone that Big Company X is doing this, there might be a public scare,” or, “holy hell, the stuff we measured in the drinking water for City Y is crazy bad, let’s keep this under wraps.”

Evaluating the natural resources of other nations and how the US might leverage them, perhaps?

I quite honestly do not know. Do they do things like that?

I could tell you, but we’d have to be in the special new cone of silence in the EPA while doing so ;)

(the above is a joke, but I assume we’d have some people working on that and the required expertise would be within that agency)

What’s the reach of the cone from the point of casting? @ArmandoPenblade, we need a rule check.

How else can Pruitt conceal his scheming from the Kwisatz Haderach?


Just to pop in, the EPA absolutely works with classified materials. They regularly communicate with the military on classified installation construction, maintenance, and cleanup, and the EPA’s oversight sometimes crosses over with the Dept of Energy folks when it comes to nuclear matters.

Weird that the head of the EPA didn’t need this before Trump arrived.

the EPA has long maintained a SCIF on a separate floor from the administrator’s office

They had a SCIF before Trump. Granted, the reason why they need the new one isn’t public, but it could be that it just needs to be modernized/reinforced or the fact that it’s on a separate floor is a factor.

Given how much it costs us for the current admin/Cabinet to travel, I guess it’s probably cheaper just to do this than keep it on a separate floor.

Just wait til they start asking for sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.


Because in addition to not having any previous government experience, the former real estate exec has demonstrated repeated difficulty filling out simple, routine forms correctly. This includes his own voter registration form.

According to the records held by the New York State Board of Elections, Jared Corey Kushner is a woman.


Is Kushner a woman? Did he just accidentally fill out the form incorrectly? Is he the victim of a malicious voter impersonation scheme? Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no way to know for sure, because he has yet to provide WIRED with a comment. But based on his recent history with paperwork, option two seems like a pretty safe bet.

Again, what legitimate use does the EPA, in general, have for one inside Pruitt’s office as opposed to the SCIF already in place in the building?

I DON’T KNOW. I’m not defending this particular SCIF construction. I was just answereing someone in this thread that asked whether the EPA should have a SCIF, that yes, the EPA should probably have one. I then offered a couple of non-crazy reasons why they may have asked for this one. Are those the reasons? I don’t know. Pruitt might be arranging meetups at the pedophile pizza place. He might actually be needing to video conference with folks about classified material and this is less onerous than dragging his ass and charts to another floor.

But according to the Trump administration he still has to use the men’s room.

LOCK HER UP! Voter fraud, private email server, Russia collusion… What else?

Pizza parlor sodomite?

As an 11th level Wizard Specialist in the Manipulator arcane school, with two recent levels in the Souleater Prestige Class (which only grants 4/5s spellcasting), Mr. Pruitt has a combined caster level of 12. Using Greater Cone of Silence, he would be able to cast a hemisphere of all-encompassing silence with a radius of 12 feet from a distance of 220 feet, thereby having a total maximum theoretical reach of 232 feet.

Now, of course, since casting spells without direct Line of Sight requires magical means like leaving an Arcane Eye eye in the desired area, and since they also generally require Line of Effect, Mr. Pruitt would need to have a small tunnel dug through the floor of his office in the direction of the existing SCIF to be able to reliably use his spells there, even with the Arcane Eye sensor.

AKA, his current course of action is the only rational one.

Also he must remember that his soul has been claimed by one of the Four Horsemen immediately upon death (I believe he is sworn to Pestilence, but I could be wrong), so current administration policy of chartering private jets as a safety measure is probably well-reasoned.