Failing Trump administration. Sad!


If you actually listen to the answer he gives, it’s a bit more nuanced than the clickbait headline.

He basically describes “the wall” as exactly what Democrats support, which is just border security made up of some combination of “walls, fences, technology, and natural barriers”.

No one actually opposes that.


It’s like you don’t even love me anymore.


The Dukes created a rift. I’m going to need time.



That accurately depicts the gastronomical impact of eating Duke’s.


This guy isn’t standing up to anyone. This entire CNN spiel is basically an unwillingness to stand behind what he wrote earlier. The president has his negotiating style does he Romney? Is that the immoral style you don’t like or the one that told you to get your ass back in line?


Doesn’t this picture say everything?

Romney wants a cabinet appointment so he’s dining with the devil – all Trump needs is the horns, his knowing expression is so gleeful – and Romney looks like a guy ready to dip his spoon into a bowl of MAGA shit and swallow it. Yeah, he’s ready to eat shit with a spoon.

Don’t ever count on him doing the right thing. Put your money on him being willing to put his thumbs on your eyes and squeeze them out of your sockets if it benefits him and his elites.


But he made a point of saying he’d vote for ‘the wall’. Why do that if you aren’t signaling the pitchfork-carrying Republican base? And if no one opposes ‘border security’, what’s to vote for? The government already has unspent money for border security.

He’s dog-whistling.


I assume he has calculated that his last chance to ever become president is to be grown-up enough to appeal to the sane republican voters + right-leaning independents, while simultaneously signaling to the Trumpsters that he would continue (and maybe even successfully implement) Trump’s policies.

It will never work, because the Trumpsters do not respond to calm support for Trump’s shitty policies - they respond to the actual shittiness of Trump himself.


Trump supporters are truly some of the dumbest, most ignorant, morons on Planet Earth. If you read the article, it ends with, “She hopes trump surrounds himself with environmentally responsible people”. And also thinks he’s a great president because he was a successful “business man”. I can’t stand how people refuse to get their heads out of their asses.


She’s a Trump supporter. She doesn’t even care about herself. Why would I believe that she cares about her stepson or the environment?


Recent video talks about the role Bain capital in K B Toys destruction. Fuck Romney.



2020 will be about the same as 2016, IMO, in that there will be a lot of candidates, and they will all be nasty and attack each other. I don’t see a third party happening.


Surprise, surprise. Donnie isn’t happy with his underlings even when he gets them directly from Fox News.


so, be glad we aren’t getting as much DT as we could be


This is a bit unfair. We know he’s on twitter most days pretty early in the morning, posting before and during Fox and Friends. You could say, well, that’s not really one of his duties as President, so that’s him tweeting on his own time, but we’ve seen over time that Trump tweets can be a lot more than just PR statements. They’re part of the propaganda * and are truly reflective a lot of times of the policies that this administration then defends and implements.

-* (I’d argue putting out propaganda is work, even if it’s not traditionally the job of a President, but it is for this particular President)


I try to get all my propaganda in before 9am.


Fox and Friends is his morning briefing, so to be fair, I have to credit him for work there.


What a glorious Friday this has been: