Failing Trump administration. Sad!



Wait, what?

I have to say, I do miss “Gorka” phoning in to Chapo.


This is fun.


Pramila Jayapal is just killing it in her questioning of Whitaker. Very impressive.


I will want to see a video of her questions. Fuck Whitaker.

I need to read up on her politics. Maybe she would make a good running mate for Kamala Harris 😀



Technically true, we are covering up an Assassination, not a murder.


And here is the full poll:

It shows the floor of his support right now, right around 30%. I bet they could poll “Would you support Donald Trump if he raped a dog on TV” and still get around that number (“the dog had it coming!”).


More people think obstruction of justice is worse than coordinating with a foreign power to subvert an election…unbelievable.


“The Economy” is not the Dow. It’s not the unemployment rate. For the working class, it’s this:




Someone will propose tax-advantaged savings accounts people can use to save money to pay for cars. Any day now.


Looks like a group that will be thrilled when their refunds are decimated too.

Experts warn Americans to be careful where they get their auto loan. Traditional banks and credit unions have much smaller default rates than so-called “auto finance” companies such as the “buy here, pay here” places on some car lots.

Fewer than 1 percent of auto loans issued by credit unions are 90 days or more late compared to 6.5 percent of loans issued by auto finance companies.

Auto finance companies tend to have really high interest rates. The highest I heard about was 32% which was outrageous. I told him not to buy the car, he didn’t listen and it was taken from him eventually.


That’s insane, holy shit. I hate buying cars because I hate dealing with people that are lying to me. I negotiated for my last one online with Honda and it was still an ordeal having to go in to pick it up, finalized it, etc.


The group that winds up going to these skeezy dealerships with their outrageous high interest rates cater to the group with horrific credit… the kind of places that say no credit low credit no questions, just bring a paystub kind of place. They’d often be better off without rather than a loan that high, but to bee fair, this group is high risk to begin with. They’ve screwed up in the past.

The weird thing is, that gentleman with that 32% rate loan… it never even occurred to him not to buy that car, and like I said, he did eventually lose it. Of course if it wasn’t 32% to begin with, maybe he wouldn’t have.


It’s not limited to dealerships. It’s everything credit related. There are entire industries around how to prey on the poor.


I sold cars for awhile some years back. There was a salesman there who sold most of their used cars…most dealers have someone like that. But this guy…he was selling all those cars because he was making private loans to people that didn’t have the credit to get a proper one. No idea what the interest rate was but the whole thingy was shady as hell. I have no doubt there are lots of other people out there just like this guy that prey on the most vulnerable.

This was a Toyota dealership, not Crazy Earl’s used cars or something like that. I suspect the management knew exactly what was going on and chose to look the other way.


True although years ago they tried to slowdown the payday loan places to help with that.

I didn’t realize the new car dealerships would be involved in this.

I think the article above might just be a little misleading because it seems like the kind of loans they are talking about are the subpar loans not the people getting the 0-2.99% loan (they might be a little higher now).


When you join the family, you don’t go halfway.


I’m not following how this is a failing Trump thing.

I assume his relatives need to leave the DoJ because of anti-nepotism requirements stemming from his likely assumption of the AG post. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that the White House would offer them a position to mitigate that impact of Barr taking the job.

I wouldn’t be bothered if this happened under Obama, for example.