Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Which is why I don’t understand how they could have been upset with anything Obama did as President. Oh, right. Black guy.


Curious and curiouser, wonder if anything will come of it.


Mark Zaid seems to think they are reaching:


That doesn’t seem to be correct.


Dealing with these kinds of cases seems to be one of his primary legal focuses, so I don’t know, but I’d like to hear to Dems refutation of his arguments.



I was listening to comments on this just a bit ago on The 11th Hour. Apparently the White House already has a multi-step plan to push back on all requests coming from Congress. In other words, they KNOW they have something to hide and are holding on to anything.The strategy was suggested that the White House will continue to pair the failure to comply to -requests- with escalating rhetoric of a witch hunt or personal attacks on Trump and his family.

The problem here is that as part of their duties, Congress does have subpoena power.



Almost certainly true, but it’s my impression that this tug of war has been going on for decades. White Houses routinely push back against the subpoena power of Congress on the grounds that the Executive Branch is co-equal and the subpoenas amount to interference.


Well, tested three times to be exact. One for documents, one for tapes and one for testimony. Truly this is for gathering evidence for crime, not necessarily by the President himself, so I would wager if it went to the Supreme Court they would rule against the White House administration. I think, anyway.


Sure, but your own link shows that the GWB admin more or less successfully resisted the subpoena power and ran out the clock on the court challenge.


True, I guess we will see. I still hold that we will see Trump serve his full term, but I hoping that a second one is prevented and actual legal jeopardy for him and his family and cronies can begin.


Unlikely thought experiment: trump resigns immediately in exchange for dropping all investigations. Do you accept?


In a heartbeat.


I don’t think he would get that deal. Perhaps he could with Federal investigations, or get a pardon out the door for the same. State investigations are outside of control, however.


Yes, understood. Maybe instead of ‘unlikely’ it should have read ‘impossible’ (not unlike the physics and economic questions I used to get heh.)


And get president Pence? I fear he’s actually more competent, thus can be more successfully evil.


Maybe so, but one less mouth to feed is one less mouth to feed.


But we already HAVE President Pence. Who do you think is pushing the anti-transgender in the military stuff? He’s just doing it behind the scenes and Trump takes the (relatively light) flack. Pence’s evil is ongoing; bring it out into the light and out from behind Trump’s incompetence so that we can address it directly.


But trump’s implementations are incompetent. You’re saying a more competent implementation of the same policy is a good thing?


Trump is a criminal and the worst of America. He doesn’t deserve to be President and should be ushered out of the White House as soon as possible, if not before. I don’t care what the ramifications are.