Failing Trump administration. Sad!


Yes, because what we really want to teach the rich and powerful of this country is, that you can spend your life committing crimes, selling out your country, abusing women, destroying the environment, spewing racism, and taking kids away from their families and putting them in cages; and we will ensure you suffer no punishment whatsoever except you can’t be President of the United States. That will show them!


We don’t have to teach them that lesson, it’s already known and hard-wired into our society, except for the part about being President, and I’d like to get that in there.


Trump resigning and having Pence take over is likely to lead to Pence 2020.


A very real political calculus. My own feelings aside, what are Pelosi and Schumer’s thoughts? Perhaps the goal for them is not impeachment, but two years of hearings and court battles. We all know that Trump isn’t going to suddenly change. If anything, he’s going to get nuttier and nuttier.


That would be far from a given. It’s a tough row to hoe (is that how you spell it???) for a VP to become a President.


Pence would be a dead man walking as a candidate. He wouldn’t inspire Trump’s base of zealots (he’s such a dead fish it’s hard to imagine him inspiring anyone), and he has way, way too much Trumpian stench on him for the non hardcore crowd.


I wish I could share your optimism! I just remember a lot of talk about how great Pence was back at the start of this nightmare.


Being the VP of a disgraced president isn’t likely to be a real hot seller when it comes to a general election. Pence won’t be able to wash off that stank.

That’s the primary reason why the GOP continues to back Trump. On some very real level, when (not if) Trump goes down, it’s going to take the whole party with him… hell, this is even worse, after two years of their backing his increasingly terrible actions.

If that weren’t the case, they would have already supported impeaching Trump. Pence would play ball with the rest of the GOP much better, and wouldn’t be a constant distraction and embarrassment. Everyone in the GOP recognizes this. They just keep trying to prop up Trump because his collapse is going to make the GOP largely unelectable for a long time, potentially forever.


Like Goldwater and Nixon did?

The American public has such short memories, it’s amazing. Plus,denouncing Trump wholeheartedly would amount to too much of an admission of guilt for most Americans who voted for him. It won’t happen in sufficient numbers to tank the party.

Trump, frankly, is reflection of his base. He was open about who he was during the campaign and he got elected.


Trump’s crimes are gonna make Nixon look like a saint.


Yup, they already have. And though Nixon was a real scoundrel, and not just for Watergate, at least he had the self-awareness to know he was a scoundrel and to generally present a decently veiled simulation of propriety from his administration.


No. I think Ford pardoning Nixon and Bush pardoning the Iran Contra people have led to the idea that you don’t have to face consequences for rampant criminality if your party is in power. That’s terribly dangerous, and we’ve already seen bad results.


Yeah, I think that the calculus is, if Trump goes now, can we get things together for a primary and run a real new candidate free from the issues of the last one. I don’t think that math really worked out, and they are hoping the incumbent bump with the guaranteed deplorable turnout will give them 4 more years to figure out their party’s future.

But yeah, they are basically going down with the ship now.


I feel like the original premise needs to be resurfaced. It’s not just “kick trump out of office and get Pence as VP”, but also that trump is free from all investigations.

I want to see him get wrecked for his lifetime of bullshit, not get off free and just no longer be president.


For the record, I don’t think I’d accept Trump resigning in exchange for dropping all investigations.

That bitch needs to die in prison.


I think I’d accept. It would be better for the country to have him resign ASAP than it would for him to linger in the White House like a stale fart for another two years.


It’s not better for the country for someone to be able to commit illegal acts in politics and get out of it by just resigning before it all hits the fan. That will just results in more people doing it.


I appreciate the sentiment that Trump is a danger to our country, and that his resigning would be beneficial.

But the Rorschach in me wants him to go to jail, forever, and see his entire family ruined.


I’d be okay with resigning with a pardon as long as he gets tagged for crimes in New York. That would be enough for prison, or at least fighting in court for the remainder of his worthless life.


It’s not as if he’d suddenly stop committing new crimes once he’s out.