Failing Trump administration. Sad!


It’s not just that for me. Trump commits crimes in office because Nixon, Reagan, GWB did so and got away with it. Until someone faces criminal charges for it, and goes to jail for it, it will keep happening.


NYT ran a story yesterday (didn’t read it yet, just saw the headline) claiming that a primary reason trump is running again is due to the legal jeopardy he finds himself in (which shows just how ridiculous our system of gov’t is - jail, or remain President? Decisions, decisions!) but that got me to thinking, what would I give up (if I could) to guarantee trump wouldn’t get four more years? I remain a fence sitter (not that it matters what I want but you get the gist.)


No, but.

I would accept if he would resign immediately and renounce his citizenship and move overseas (to Russia), and he would forfeit any U.S. real estate property to the local authorities.


100% yes. Every day that Trump is in power he purges more and more people from the government and replaces them with loyalists. More judges get appointed.

There is a tipping point and he has to be out of office before then. Already the damage he has done will takes decades to fully recover from, if it’s even possible.


But those things still happen under a President Pence (definitely the later, probably the former). Stopping those particular things requires control of the Senate.


Just to play devil’s advocate, this is very banana republic. Look at Ukraine, princess leia lost the election and the russian candidate imprisoned her. The Russian dude lost power and now he’s believed to be hiding out in Russia somewhere.

Is there a benefit to not prosecuting a US president so this decision doesn’t come into play? A tacit bargain, resign and no charges. Just take what’s in this bag and go away.

edit: Personally I won’t be satisfied until he’s in a matching orange jumpsuit. Failing that maybe a few of his children.

While I’m dreaming I also want oligarchs scorned and legislated to irrelevance.


Bill Shine has tendered his resignation as White House Communications Director.


Well this is confusing - is he going straight back to Fox News? I assume he would have just put in a transfer request if that were the case. Is he starting the SHINE Network to better inform the American People of Trumps message?


I think just so he can take a job running the propaga…errr, campaign?


Mark Murray has a sense of humor? This I did not know.


He’s pretty funny at times.


Holy shit.


I’m sure this is just a coincidence, just like he usually hires people guilty of crimes and such.


And to be clear, the spa that was busted is one that the founder – Li Yang – sold a few years go.

Still, the spas that Yang and her family do own in South Florida apparently retain a reputation for being a great place to go get a rub-and-tug, and per the article the police have been tipped to that by former clients and employees alike and recently.


Pence won’t start a thermonuclear war on a hissy fit because because some dictator dissed him. There is non zero chance that Trump will. Whatever evils Pence may do they pale compared to killing 10s or 100 of millions of people and fucking the climate possibly permanently.


“Just the tip”, the officer protested. “Just the tip!”


There is no bottom.


I, for one, am glad we’re finally draining the swamp!


One stroke at a time.


Just in time for Infrastructure Week.