Failing Trump administration. Sad!


According to the group, government lawyers tried in November 2018 to get the complaint dismissed by saying there was no record of written directives. This turned out to have been false.

trump regime just reflexively lies. On the bright side, trump managed to turn an uncontested R seat in Alabama blue.



Yes, that is the correct way! It hearkens back to a more agricultural time, as does “rein in” which I constantly see misspelled as “reign in” ugh.


Russia must have told him to not put Russia on the list…


This administration is mostly populated by chuds. Especially in the case of Sarah HuckaSands, and the former “Acting AG” Whittaker.


I, uh, think I may have just flushed a member of Trump’s cabinet.


Given how much he hates anything brown, please tell me it was Stephen Miller.


They run a tight ship at the white house. Tight ship…

Shey forgot to mention Kathryn Janeway is there too, along with Kacey Manlove, John Snow, Bruce Wayne…


Also Mustafa Kamel better know by his last name as Attaturk wno’s been dead for some time.

Got give Trump credit, more unintentional humor “coveffee” than any five administrations combined.




Man, that’s hysterical.


A memo from the Vernacular Committee

In re: Spelling

CC: Thaumaturgy Dept., Director of Meaning

Please try not to mis-spell the magical symbols that make us special. The correct spelling is “covfefe”.

Praise Shitgibbon!



In a Thursday letter to the White House, the Maryland Democrat alleged that Jared Kushner, who is also a senior White House adviser, had been using WhatsApp, a popular messaging application, to “communicate with foreign leaders” – something he said that Kushner’s attorney had confirmed in a private meeting. He also contended that Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, also a senior adviser, may be in violation of the Presidential Records Act by her use of private emails.

The allegations from Democrats that some of Trump’s closest confidants – as well as former officials Steve Bannon and K.T. McFarland – used personal email come as Trump continues to attack Hillary Clinton for using a private email system when serving as secretary of state.
In the letter, Cummings revealed that his panel learned the new information in a private meeting in December with Abbe Lowell, an attorney for both Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Lowell referred inquiries to the White House and National Security Council about whether Kushner communicated classified information through WhatsApp, something that Cummings said would constitute a “major security breach.”

"For example during a meeting with Mr. Kushner’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, Mr. Lowell confirmed that Mr. Kushner has been using the messaging application WhatsApp as part of his official White House duties to communicate with foreign leaders.

when Lowell was asked if Kushner ever communicated classified information on WhatsApp, Lowell responded, “That’s above my paygrade.”

I’m sure Fox & Friends will be screaming for Jared and Ivanka’s jailing tomorrow morning.


Oh man…GOP lawmakers are going to be furious about this…they absolutely lose it over lax email security.


That’s correct and their anger will have absolutely nothing to do with political affiliation. They will be sure to criticize this forcefully around the clock for days, weeks, months, even years. Like a beating drum that never ceases.


Y’all take weary sardonicism to stratospheric levels 😋


Can’t wait for the cries of Lock 'em Up!


I’m sure that if anybody here is like me, you already have family patiently explaining to you that if it’s okay for Hillary to get away with this without being prosecuted and convicted for doing business through her personal email on her own personal computers that this sets a precedent that every government entity going forward should be allowed to do the exact same thing. And that if we’re going to turn around and change the rules now, that we need to start with Hillary before wasting one second looking at anybody else for this sort of thing.

Obviously they don’t want to jump on Kushner for this, they just want to throw it back in Dem’s gaping faces.


But Hillary was selling Uranium One secrets to Benghazi on her private email server!


Lindsey Graham will absolutely go full bore on this…that is one guy who has zero tolerance when it comes to emails.


How will Fox cover the Jared/Ivanka news?

And the award for Least Surprising Banner Headline on a News Website goes to Fox News, for: