Fainting Goats

It’s a good thing this breed of goat is domesticated as I don’t imagine they’d last long in the wild.


Passivity is one of the things domisticated animals are selected upon, but it’s interesting that these animals actually faint.

Man, that is HOURS of amuesment. Wish I had a farm.
Had a ragdoll cat when I was younger, you pick them up in the middle and they go limp. Very odd. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragdoll_cat

None of you guys have heard of this before?

I had heard of individual animals with this before but never an entire breed. Actually, scratch that; I think there’s a type of monkey in the wild that faints when confronted by a snake. The rationale being that snakes apparently won’t attack or attempt to eat animals which aren’t moving.

Whereas farmers in Kentucky LOVE them some fainting goats, if you get my meaning.

Odds are none of us have farmed in Kentucky.

[squints eyes]

And why do you know so much about the fainting goat, eh Beel?

So there’s a guy from Montana, a guy from Washington, and a guy from San Francisco driving down the road when the the guy from Montana shouts out “STOP THE CAR!”

After the car stops, the guy from Montana gets out and walks over to the fence along the side of the road where there’s a goat with it’s head stuck in the wire…

They’re not actually fainting; it’s some sort of temporary paralysis.

You say that as though that weren’t, like, one hundred times better.

Oh, I was just correcting a poster who said they were “actually fainting.” They’re still hilarious :)