Fair and Balanced

All three stories/teasers pro-McCain. The economy’s getting better, McCain won the debate and heroic Joe the Plumber stood up to Obama about taxes and ‘spreading the wealth’.

And next to it they have a picture advert for an article slamming late night comics for being biased against the GOP!

I check foxnews.com periodically, mostly because it’s a serviceable way to see where the GOP is trying to steer the narrative. My favorite was about a month and a half ago, when they were leading with a story questioning whether Biden would be dropped from the Democratic ticket. Since I’d only heard that suggested in the vaguest of rumors, I clicked on through to see what their source was. Surprise surprise, there wasn’t one, just a long story based on essentially nothing at all. More than being offended or outraged I was just sort of bemused.

Finally, the elusive proof that FOX news has a conservative bias?!

Good work, Brian Rucker.

I watch FOX with the sound off pretty much all day long. We have televisions lining the walls at my workplace, all tuned to a different cable news station and the Weather Channel, and my desk faces the FOX one - which is great when there is a high speed chase, nobody covers high speed chases better. Nobody.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that the last week or so they have either been showing McCain Palin speeches and rallys or been putting up pictures of Ayers next to Obama (not a picture of them together, don’t know if those exist, but their pictures, if you get what I mean) as much as they can.

I’d say a neoconservative bias, actually. Fox News seems to be consistantly pro-Bush Jr., and big-government/big-spending Bush is anything but a traditional (paleo) conservative.

  1. McCain didn’t win debate.
  2. Obama tells supporters to stay strong.
  3. Joe Biden disses Joe the Plumber.
  4. Brazil says US is ready for Obama.

Works both ways, Sherlock.

Your Mom works both ways.

Also on CNN: Dad names newborn after Palin!

See? It’s not all bad. Don’t worry too much Bob. The facts, as a wise man once said, have a well known liberal bias.

Edit: Oh, Bob changed douche to Sherlock! Thank you for raising the quality of this discussion.

I wish she’d charge the same for both the ways. With current economic conditions being what they are, I’ve only been able to afford one way. :(

I clearly haven’t been to the FNC site recently.

When did their layout turn to shit?

I honestly thought you’d linked me to the mobile version at first, since it was just such an ugly jumble.

Huh, I haven’t been there since it was all red either.

Is it just me or does foxnews.com look like a website from 1998?

Oddly enough, CNN has preserved their older styles on all their old articles, just for comparison.

But only one way seems to actually be working, judging by the polls.