Faith No More Reunion Tour?

Awesome, if true:

Last year’s rumours were confirmed in a statement released this week by Patton’s publicist. Buried at the end of a long blurb about Crank 2: High Voltage – a film of great interest to everyone, we’re certain – is news to stop the hearts of impatient Faith No More fans.

So this answers the question of how to make Crank 2 even more awesome: get Mike Patton to do the score.

This one ending in a murder-suicide pact?

I thought these guys hated each other with a capital F U. Even when they were a band I thought they were maybe one hard night of drinking away from pulling shivs on one another and fighting to the death. This will be awesome if it…you know…happens and junk, but is there even the slightest chance of this tour actually making it all the way to the last venue? Or the first, even?

I don’t think there’s bad blood between members of FNM, with the exception of a couple of former guitar players. Jim Martin left the band in a pretty acrimonious split, and Trey Spruance is not on great terms with Patton. Friction between the two of them is the rumored reason for the breakup of Mr. Bungle.

Neither of those guys would be involved in a reunion tour, though.

FNM’s problem at the end was primarily a lack of creative focus. Patton has always been interested in dabbling in a million different things at once, Roddy Bottum was devoting most of his efforts to the amazingly crappy Imperial Teen, Bill Gould was dabbling in death metal with Brujeria, and Mike Bordin was out touring with Ozzy and Black Sabbath. By the time they released their last album, Album of the Year, I think their hearts just weren’t in it anymore.

They still put on one hell of a show, though. I caught them in Seattle on their last tour and they tore that motherfucker up.

Huh. Weird. I’ll have to check that article that served as the liner notes for the “Superior Ultimate Collection” I got from them or whatever. It gave the distinct impression that they’d like nothing better than to slap one another in the bollocks with rusty hammers until everybody passed out from the pain, but maybe he had the wrong idea.

Definitely not a bad thing, though. As long as Patton refrains from eating any more garbage.


In the pre-Patton days there were lots of rumors of infighting in FNM, but once Patton joined he sort of single-handedly soaked up all the controversy.

From the wiki:

Eventually, Chuck Mosely was hired as the band’s vocalist. Their self-financed debut We Care a Lot came in 1985 on Mordam Records in the US, which led to a deal with Slash Records. Introduce Yourself was released in 1987, and a revamped version of the single “We Care a Lot” saw minor success on MTV.

During this period, the band gained a reputation for serious infighting and friction. There were frequent rumours of physical confrontations between band members. Indeed, in a short history of the band in one issue, the British music newspaper Melody Maker observed that the band’s internal relationships had descended into “pathological hatred”. Bordin in particular seemed to be very much the “whipping boy” of the band and the butt of numerous cruel pranks and practical jokes.

That is an overly harsh assessment of Imperial Teen. Admittedly they are quite the departure sonically from Faith No More, but I would hardly label them as crappy.

That being said, a FNM reunion tour would be several shades of pretty darn awesome.

WANT TO BUY! This tour better involve Portugal in some way!

They’re playing right next door to my house in two weeks and I really want to go.
Trouble is, that it’s at a festival and tickets are $334.

It’s not that the line up is bad. And I used to go regularly - but I’ve gotten older and nobody I know is going. Or rather, the people I know who are going have press access, free tickets and access to the VIP parts. This used to be me.

So I can either go as a regular paying customer, meet up with some friends, but be stuck in a tent all by my lonesome amongst strangers. Or I can treat it as a number of concerts, and go home at night - this will most likley ad $100 in travel expenses… and be a weird way to enjoy a festival.

I’m afraid it will be my last chance at experiencing FNM live (and Madness) but otoh the festival thing seems really bothersome. Just to put the pricing in relief, I could have gone to one of the smaller festivals in Germany where they played and even with travelling expenses that would have been close to half price.

Think they’ll stick together and tour next year?

That’s a hell of a lineup. Coldplay and Amon Amarth?

If Jim Martin isn’t going. I’m not going.

There have been some rumours about a new album, IIRC.

I did it and it was fucking well worth every penny.
I think I heard one or two songs I didn’t recognized and apart from that it was just a brilliant best of concert with Mike Pattons voice as good as ever.

They started out with the cheesiest version of the '79 R&B classic Reunited all wearing fitting suits - Pattons were peach…

Not one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, since that would take some sort of surprise happening, but I’m happy I finally got to hear them live.

Denmark is a pretty great concert nation and you can be sure that every great band have played here just before their major breakthrough… unfortunately that also means I usually miss their concerts as I did with the two FNM shows 12 years ago.

BTW; which of the fake plastic music games has Faith No More and which songs?

Rock Band has Epic on-disc and We Care A Lot as DLC.