Fake boobs: Pro or Con?

Well, it looks like the “poll” option has been removed, so I’ll just have to ask. The Sopranos topic got me thinking:

Fake boobs:

  1. Are totally hot. All boobs are hot.
  2. Are repulsive. Yuck. Where’s the fun in globs of silicon?
  3. I can’t tell when they’re fake
  4. Huh huh… He said boobies…

Seriously: how can you not tell fake ones? They look like upside down bowls lying on a woman’s chest. Totally kills “sexy” to me. Give me a Catherine Bell or Mimi Rogers any day over, say, the chicks who play T’Pol or 7 of 9 on the Star Trek series.

Fake boobs are nasty with a capital “N”. That is, if you get close enough to see them in their natural habitat. Under a dress or a bra, I don’t think I could tell.

If they can come up with fake boobs that look even remotely realistic instead of looking like giant gravity-defying pneumatic spheres… I’d be inclined to let it slide.

Yeah, fake boobs are totally gross.

The reason fake boobs are so popular, especially on sci-fi television shows, is that most adult males who like plasty-pumps have NEVER SEEN OR FELT REAL BREASTS.

There, I said it. For shame. But anywho, yes, fake breasts are horrible, evil things.

Okay, so here’s my take on this:

Everyone seems eager to compare fake boobs to the Real Thing of similar proportion. No sweat–the real ones win.

But that’s not the point of the fakies. The point is that those women were flat before (supposedly - girls with C cups who get implants, that’s just wrong). So the question becomes: do the fake boobs look better than when the girl was an A-cup? And on that, I think it all depends on the shape of the rest of the girl’s body and the quality of the boob job.

I’ve seen good fake boobs and bad fake boobs. I don’t think anyone should ever get REALLY BIG ONES because it just looks stiff and fake. But I was friends with a girl in college who got implants to take her from a “large A / small B” to a C, and she looks great. She looks properly proportioned, and her chest isn’t all stiff and plasticy looking, either. It’s a definite improvement.

It does generally look good under clothes, which may be all women care about from a self-esteem standpoint-- after all, 99.9% of the guys who see 'em are ever going to get a close enough look to determine if they’re real or not. It’s a fashion accessory at that point.

I don’t know, I actually prefer a large A/small B than really obvious implants. I know some implants, if done right, don’t look that bad, but really, if the woman is only an A or small B, implants will almost always look obvious and fake.

A good example of a smoking hot woman with small, real breasts - Stacy Kiebler, World Wrestling Entertainment valet with a modest, natural chest but just incredibly sexy overall. Then again, she may have some of the best legs on a woman, ever.

My understanding is that Alyssa Milano’s breasts are fake, and she is considered by many at this forum to be one of the most attractive girls out there.

They’re just not obvious fakes, which makes all the difference.

I’ve never felt fake boobs before. What do they feel like? Are they cold to the touch? Does it still feel like skin? Even the dancer I dated had real ones, so I’m not sure what the complaint is here.

I’ve seen fake boobs on strippers and they look fabulous. Big gravity defying knockers are just fun to gaze at.

My wife tells me that the latest fake boobs feel like real ones. If I was in the boob grabbing market I think I’d adopt a don’t ask, don’t tell attitude and just enjoy whatever I was lucky enough to get my mitts on.

BTW, if the poll is disabled, it’s not by design.

From my younger days -

(Actually, Sarah doesn’t stop me from hitting strip clubs with my buddies now. Yay, Sarah!)

Yeah, they feel like skin. No, they don’t feel cold. Good fake boobs - ie the vessel (the ‘balloon’ inside) isn’t overinflated, they went in from the armpits rather than under the breast or (extra ick) through the edge of the aureolae - feel pretty much like the real thing, especially considering the enormous variation in how real breasts feel.

Do they compare with the best of the real things? No. But they can certainly look better - even unclothed - than what some women are otherwise gifted with. Remember not all A’s & B’s (or even C’s) are firm and perky. Some are, ah, pancakey. Floppy.

On the other hand, already good looking girls with decent, if small, breasts getting inflated certainly seems kind of silly. Unless of course they want to strip (or get work in Hollywood) where it can not only get them more work, but get them much better paying work.

(Why? Because we’re pigs, of course.)

If any of you guys want to do research, a couch dance at most strip joints only sets you back about $20-$40 bucks. Live dangerously.

There’s a line from Pulp Fiction I’m probably misquoting, but I think it works for this thread:

“There’s a big difference between what looks sexy and what feels sexy”

I disagree with Mark though, fake breasts are not fun to “gaze at” unless they’re clothed and, really, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with A cups either.

Unfortunately I know of at least 6 girls who got fake boobs. To summarize the 6 would go something like this:

  1. Small went to medium - looks great in anything
  2. Medium went to big - out of proportion
    3-6) Big went to balloon - look like Barbie dolls…

I would come down pro on fakies if it wasn’t for the fact every who gets them seems to think if they are not the size of a grapefruit, stand as erect as a flagpole they are not worth having. I have seen only one person was was “small” get a boob job and even she came close to going too big.

‘More than a mouthfull is a waste’ is what I always heard. Or maybe that’s ‘more than a handfull’. I have no preference myself. I certainly think abnormally large breasts add nothing to a woman’s attractiveness and make her look like a freak.

The one time I went to the local strip club with my wife she got a kiss on the cheek. I do not think that’s quite fair. Although, from my extensive studies on the subject, I understand that the majority of ladies in that profession are lesbians or bi-sexual so I should not be that surprised. If only we had invited her over to the house for a nightcap. We could have had a rousing game of Boulderdash or Trouble!.

For the right price, I’m sure they are.

I went to a strip club for a bachelor party about a month ago. The fake ones felt like they were about to burst, not good at all. Most looked OK, but the ones who got the most money from my group were natural. The groom’s favorite was downright small, but she had her charms. I thought she looked embarrassed for us, in a way that somehow worked.

I’m generally a fan of the natural effect. However, fakies can be interesting. A friend of mine from high school (who, incidentally, is on the cover of this month’s Playboy Lingerie if you’re so inclined) got fakies in high school (or maybe right afterwards, I don’t remember)… they look good. With clothes over them. Once the veil is removed, they sort of lose their effect.

Well, here’s the deal. The only men they have opportunities to date are pigs. Get abused enough, and sooner or later you too would look for love in alternative places.

From what Stacy told me, about half are coke addicts (as was she).

Yup. When I was interviewing pornstars (yeah, I got a lot of flak for it in traditional gaming circles, but whatever, it was fun), Devon told me that every one of the girls at Vivid (and with various other companies) was either coked up or drunk for every shoot. That’s why she left Vivid, among other things. Sad, really.

My understanding is that Alyssa Milano’s breasts are fake, and she is considered by many at this forum to be one of the most attractive girls out there

I dunno. She’s #1 on my list, but I can’t see those as being fakes. I mean, I saw them get felt up in Poison Ivy 2 and Embrace of the Vampire… they seem real enough. I dunno. heh

If you can catch G-String Divas on HBO, they have quite the variety of breasts to choose from. From the small, all-natural, slightly saggy, but still very attractive Brazilian girl to the ICBM, ready-to-launch, obviously fake ones on the feisty red head to the worst-boob-job-on-the-planet-must-have-used-a-3rd-rate-plastic-surgeon black women. A very good source if you are interested in researching this thread’s topic :D