Fake boobs: Pro or Con?

I have absolutely no idea why I’m contributing to this discussion, but…

Generally, the boob jobs that feel natural are the ones of high grade silicone and where the implants are placed under the muscle tissue, rather than in front of it. Implants placed in front of the muscle tissue can tend to create keloid tissue, hence the stiff, unnatural feel.

And as noted elsewhere, the larger the size increase, the more likely they’ll feel like over-inflated balloons.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go wash my typing fingers…

I think it was Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash that wrote something along the lines of “Fake breasts come in three sizes: Improbable, Impossible, and Ludicrous.”

my wife has implants and they are very nice. what jessica says is right: the quality of the look/feel is determined by whether or not you have them done under or over the muscule mass. my wife (and myself, i must admit) are very pleased with hers. they were not cheap nor is it a walk in the park. cost was a little under $10k (not covered in any way, shape, form by insurance) and my wife was sore for a good 7-10 days.

also to think about: where do you have the incision? my wife went with it in the areola, which i think is only noticable when you are looking for it.

and yes, she went from a b cup to a d cup and it has helped her with personal feelings about herself. if i had a 3" penis, i might have some feelings of insecurity about myself too…so i don’t knock her or judge her for it.

ps - i am posting anonymously b/c several people who read these forums know my wife personally and yet they do no know her breasts are implants…that speaks for how much a good surgeon is worth.

Guest, if that’s a thinly veiled cry for help, I have some emails to forward you that guarantee to help with that 3" problem.

The groom I mentioned earlier thinks they’re the perfect scam. Who’s going to dispute the charge? “Hello, Visa? Yes, I want to dispute the $39.99 charge from HungLikeAHamster.com! I followed their stupid instructions but my crank is still only 3”! Where do I send the notarized photos?"

It balances out.

Imagine you’re a chick with a C cup, that sags. You’re 20 years old, and your nipples point down to your toes. You’d get implants, right?

In fact, when I saw the extent of the horror with my own eyes I had to struggle not to react (she even admitted other guys’ reactions were uh… unpleasant.)

She looks pretty damn cute otherwise. There’s no outside indication that they’re flat, saggy balloons - that’s the magic of wonderbras. If she got implants like she planned to, I bet she’d be a lot more attractive.

So what does that little anecdote illustrate? That we can’t judge the perfect natural pair against the average implant job (Pamela Lee.) I’d take Laetitia Casta’s fakers over 99% of the real ones out there.

In fact, when I saw the extent of the horror with my own eyes I had to struggle not to react (she even admitted other guys’ reactions were uh… unpleasant.)

See, that’s a perfectly legitimate reason to get implants.

“You’re 20 years old, and your nipples point down to your toes. You’d get implants, right?”

the phrase “deal with it” comes to mind.

The phrase “zero-g cures all ailments” comes to mind.

in space, nobody can hear your tits

Tiny titties are GREAT. Big ones are fun. The only thing I don’t like is the ones that look like pancakes with a berry on top. Those need some assistance.

Now the real question is nipples. Do you like big firm ones you can hang your jacket on, or the soft puffy ones?

Shape means more than size, when you’re talking B-cup or larger. There’s just something about that shape (so round, so firm, so fully packed) that short circuits the male brain.

Women. It’s their roundnesses. Women have the most amazing roundnesses.

They’re real, actually.

Anything bigger than a handful, you’re risking a sprained thumb.

Like a friend says when we give him a tough time for liking fakies, “They’re real on the outside.”

Even in middleschool, I didn’t much care for the National Geographic look.

More importantly, however, 3 women close to me (my cousin, my half-brother’s wife, and a good highschool friend) no longer have any nipples. Or breasts. Double masectomies, chemo, and radiotherapy for the lot of them.

You’re never too young to get breast cancer. Do your wife/girlfriend a favor and work a breast exam into tonight’s foreplay.

That kind of says more about your shallowness, and those that criticize, than her need for implants. I mean, yeesh… “She’s damn cute, but her boobs sag.” I realize all of those guys criticizing her were perfect, with no need for any nips and tucks, with perfectly flat stomachs, hairless backs, enormous coc… yeah, well. You get the picture. Women put up with a lot of nasty shit from men’s bodies, yet men can’t seem to reciprocate. Women are ugly if they have ugly breasts.

Hell, if I’m at the point of seeing a woman topless, I’m generally not thinking about the shape of her breats. At this point, I’m generally thanking God. But that’s me.

I’m with you Steve. We shouldn’t be so picky. Getting to see breasts up close and personal at all (not withstanding Roger’s situations above) should be a bonus to guys who post regularly to a gaming website :D


Here’s a fun game. I scanned this page out of some women’s magazine circa 1995 or so. Yes, because I love boobs that much. And so should you.

Anyway, ONE of the pairs of breasts shown on these two pages are actually “fakes”, eg, implants. Can you tell which ones?


People could just deal with crooked teeth, too, but parents fork over big bucks and put their kids through a couple years of sore mouths with braces to give them a nice smile. And braces on adults is more popular than ever now.

Maybe 10% of people who get braces have teeth so screwed up that it would actually cause medical problems. It’s a cosmetic thing most of the time.

I don’t personally view breast implants as being any different. There’s a right and a wrong reason to have any cosmetic medical work done: you can either do it for yoursef, or you could do it because somebody else wants to be different. If it’s the former, I’m all for it. If it’s the latter, tell the person to get bent.

Dude, you couldn’t tell me that your natural reaction upon seeing an otherwise gorgeous women disrobe and reveal a rack that belongs on her grandmother isn’t disappointing.

My statement has nothing to do with my self-admitted shallowness. It applies to all men. Otherwise women wouldn’t cry about getting the Miss Congeniality award. Hugh Hefner would have made his fortune interviewing the world’s nicest, most ambitious, most accomplished, most intelligent, most (whatever but your looks) women.