Faking a Phone number

So a situation has come up in which I need to give someone a phone number but the number needs to call another phone so that person can give some information. The number I need to give does not need to be a real number persay just a number in this area code.

I am sure its possible to do but I dont know off had of any services that do it.

Anyone know of anything off hand that would do this?

Edit this is pretty much what I want

*   You have family in California but you live in New York now. Get a virtual number from CA and now they can call you as if it was a local call.
* You run a business in a small town. Get a virtual number from New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles and your clients will think you have offices in major cities.

Get a SkypeIn number?

Yeah I was looking at that but then I found this


I cant have the number call me but this site seems to work just fine and its nearly free to boot. Problem solved!

ET Phone Home