Falcom eliminates royalties to music catalog

Not sure how often things like this happen but Falcom Japan opened up its music catalog (which includes all the Ys games, Vantage Master, Eiyuu Densetsu) to be freely used re-used without any royalties or explicit permission as long as it’s not

  • distributed for free w/o any changes done to it (ie. this doesn’t give you the right to legally torrent all their CDs)
  • repackaged as a for-pay music service (karaoke, for-pay ring-tones, etc)
  • used in a game (regardless of it being free or not)

Details (in Japanese) here : http://www.falcom.co.jp/music_use/exam.html

This does mean that you can use the Ys theme as the loading theme to your boring business apps though :D