Falcon and Winter Soldier

March 19th

Remind me again how Bucky is still alive? I know Captain America was frozen and thawed out. Bucky was just kept alive by Hydra through anti-aging creme?

I don’t completely remember, now you mention it. Did they keep him in suspended animation until they required his services, and then put him back under when his missions were over?

I think they kept him on ice until they needed him.

Looking forward to this because I like the characters but man they couldn’t have made that trailer more generic if they tried.

Personally, I feel like more trailers should be like this - it feels like more and more trailers try to hook the audience by giving almost the entire thing away. I was just thinking of this while watching the Coming to America 2 trailer - that sucker is almost 3 minutes and I swear it’s every story beat in the damned movie. This is a better approach - show some action, some witty banter, play some music - it hits the biggest audience that way, and this was a Super Bowl ad, if I understand correctly.

That looked fun. Totally on board.

I agree, I love trailers like this that give nothing away.

Of course, as a result you sometimes get a show like Picard, but hey, at least nothing was spoiled.

Who is the red-masked bad guy? Should I remember him from something?

The bad guy is Zemo, from Civil War. Now he has a purple (red?) mask because that’s what he had in the comics.

And Bucky is alive because they were experimenting on him with Super Soldier serum in Captain America. Then, yeah, they froze him until they needed him.

My favorite sorts of super heroes. No magic. Just tech.

Bucky looks weird with short hair.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I really like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, even outside of the MCU. I hope this is some weird mashup of a buddy cop action movie and a spy thriller.

Oh okay. Thanks! Is he going to be played by Daniel Bruhl? I liked that character a lot in Civil War, but mostly because Bruhl is awesome.

OK, this I might watch. Possibly. ‘Low power’ super heroes have always been more interesting to me, Batman’s always been my favorite. I’ll probably need to catch up on at least a little stuff, the last Captain America movie, however many Avengers movies I missed. Or maybe I’ll just say hell with it, this can be my new baseline. Why not?

Yes and yes!

Captain America 1/2/3 should be good enough. Maybe Infinity War and Endgame just to get the setup for the series.

That’s not an accident. Marketing has determined that regardless of how much people complain about it, trailers with spoilers are more effective:

According to experts in the trailer-making business, the more audiences know, the likelier they are to go.

For those who are already going to go, they don’t really care.

Yep, the Thor: Ragnarok trailer really drove that home for me. I think I would have been pleasantly surprised to learn about Hulk’s role while watching, but I’m sure spoiling that in the trailers is what drove a ton of people to see a sequel to a movie that lots of people didn’t like.

Yeah that’s fair. I was thinking of the first WandaVision trailers though which both didn’t give any plot away and also made me extremely interested to learn more.

Bucky counts as magic. He’s Cap with a bionic arm. He’s got super strength, fall resistance, enhanced reflexes, the whole kit.