Fall 2014: XOne or PS4?

[HR][/HR]So I just finished Saint’s Row IV, which is probably the last game I will buy this gen. During summer I try to forgo games a bit and get outside more. That being said, late fall seems to be the time where lots of new games are released, and I’m assuming the same will be true this fall.

So what do you think, QT3? If you were to go with one system, and only one, which one would you get this fall? Why?

I’m not brand loyal at all. I had a PS2, skipped the PS3 for a 360, and am not leaning either way this gen.

What’s thhe dealio with this gen? Who looks better come fall?

If you were to go with one system, and only one, which one would you get this fall? Why?

Wii U. Most of the others’ interesting games are also available on computer.

Already bit on the PS4. But already planning to buy an Xbone.

I’m planning on buying in the next 3-4 months. I can be persuaded, but right now I don’t see anything to sway me away from the PS4. Appears to be more powerful hardware and I see some developers/programmers saying/hinting they prefer it. So far I’ve seen no competitive advantages for the XBox 1 (Kinect and “TV integration” is not an interest for me.)

I’m not purchasing a console in the foreseeable future but if I was I would go for the PS4. It is without a doubt the more powerful of the two consoles and of the few exclusives that are still around, it’s the Sony exclusives that call out the most to me (Uncharted, Last of Us, Bloodborne, etc)

I think the XBone exclusive lineup coming this year is more compelling than Sony’s, but that’s essentially damning with faint praise; both lineups shown at E3 look exceptionally uninteresting through the end of this year.

PS4…in 2015. :p

So much good stuff on the PC that its hard to justify a console yet , they have so little exclusive content so far this gen.

It partially depends on how good your gaming PC is and if your prefer console gaming over PC gaming. Multiplatform games pretty much are all going to run/look better on the PS4, or at worst be at parity with the XB1. So if you are looking at the new Assassin’s Creed, or Far Cry 4, or Destiny (which is surprisingly great from the Alpha) or some of the 2015 titles like Batman, then you want a PS4. If you were planning on getting some of those for PC then that doesn’t count for as much. Likewise the PS4 has better indie support and a lot more smaller games at the moment, but again many of these are also available on PC. In regards to exclusives the XB1 has done a better job at being front loaded, though over the long hall I think the PS4 comes out ahead. I know Bloodborne is my most anticipated console exclusive game, but like a lot of the interesting Sony exclusives that’s 2015.

I already have both. They both have merits in their favor.


  • Love Forza 5. The new controller is perfect for it. Is it my favorite racing game of all time? It’s close. Probably tied with Forza Horizon, Dirt 2, Need For Speed High Stakes, and Project Gotham Racing.

  • Love Dead Rising 3. Even though I loved the concept of earlier DR games, the difficulty spikes and time limits kept me from getting too far. Plus this time the more realistic look and feel really adds to the overall effect.

  • Love the trend toward asynchronous multiplayer. The golf game does this wonderfully, as does Forza 5. Playing against my brother in California despite us never getting our times aligned to play together at the same time has been awesome.

  • Like the new simple interface. I love that they realized that the 360 interface had gotten too cluttered and had too many ads and information on the screen at once. Now it’s simple and effective again.

  • I’m still a big Halo fan. Although I didn’t like the campaigns in Halo 2 and 3, I’m still looking forward to playing all 4 games again this fall with improved graphics. Also if I can relive Halo 2’s multiplayer with my friends, that’s a bit of nostalgia I’m looking forward to.


  • since it’s the more powerful console, I get my multiplatform games on it. Like Watch Dogs.

  • Sony exclusives so far have been fun rentals: Killzone, Infamous, Knack. Also those first two are gorgeous.

  • Resogun is a game I slowly grew to love. At first I thought it was like their first game, Super Stardust, but this one is a lot deeper and it’s got its hooks in me.

  • Don’t Starve is a really cool game to play on the couch for a while. I did drift away because it’s a little too hard for me, but I hope I’ll go back one day.

Wrestling with this particular dilemma myself, though I don’t really have to get urgent about making a decision until The Witcher 3 comes out. Mainly my two friends that I play a lot of multiplayer with and I are sort of watching each other like the climax of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to see who pulls the trigger first and which console he goes with.

Exactly what I would say. The only other thing to keep in mind is where your friends play.

I’m making plans to upgrade my PC in a couple of months instead of a console. Right now I just don’t see good argument for either and Xbox or a PS4. A couple of good looking smaller games are coming to PS4, enough of those might catch my interest down the line but right now there aren’t enough to be a selling point. I though Destiny would be a system seller for me but judging from the video I’ve seen it really doesn’t look like anything special.

Did you watch the Giantbomb video. I’m in the alpha and I love it. Way better than I anticipated.

PS4 + Vita remote play + Playstation plus = the gift that keeps on giving. On top of that throw in Playstation TV, Playstation Now, and way down the line Morpheous, and I don’t see why anyone would seriously turn away from that and get an Xbox one unless they just had to get a certain exclusive game. I mean really, the PS4 is more powerful and the exclusives you miss out on from Naughty Dog alone would drive me crazy. What am I missing if I don’t get an Xbox one? That’s a rhetorical question, Btw.

Xbox One in 2015…when Phantom Dust comes out.

Saw that. Those guys seemed to like it. I’ve watched a little bit on Twitch too. I’m sure it’s a fine game but it doesn’t really stand out to me as something I need to play. The combat seems kind of standard, not nearly as interesting as the set pieces from the Halo games.

Eh, different tastes I guess, I already like the Alpha better than any of the Halos.

By ditching the Kinect and adding free games to Xbox Live Gold, the Xbone is no longer the clear loser in a comparison between the two, but I think Sony’s Playstation ecology still makes the PS4 a better bet overall. And it’s a total nonbrainer if you have a Vita and/or PS3, since Plus is far and away a better value than Gold if you’re getting Plus games on multiple systems (even if you aren’t, they’re talking about being able to stream PS3 games at some point, which would probably include any PS3 titles you “bought” with Plus). It’s also a beefier console, from what I understand. And they seem a lot more focused on bringing a strong selection of indie games to their console than Microsoft does.

That said, why buy any of them? PCs are still more powerful, with a better, cheaper game selection, a full range of control options, and way more individual freedom for both end users and game companies.

That was what made me pull the trigger on the PS4 first. So much stuff waiting for me on day one.

But I’ll bet I won’t be able to hold out on the Xbone if Sunset Overdrive gets good reviews. I loved Ratchet & Clank and saw a lot of that design philosophy (guns, jumping, rails, more guns) in SO.

And, while I hate to admit it, I really, really like Achievements. Trophies just don’t do it for me.

Both seem completely useless for now. I might get PS4 next year if Bloodborne is as good as I expect and TLOU remaster is well done. Although just two games is not a lot. It would be nice to have a bit more.