Fall 2017 TV shows (returning and new)


Re: Ghosted:
Their chemistry is so bad. I know in some respects it’s supposed to be but it’s a pain to watch. Their conversation about the stereotypical cop event re: his old cop partner that was supposed to break the ice between them to some extent was so bad. So so so so bad. Awful. The ending of the episode was terrible. There were some laughs scattered throughout but pretty rarely.

I love the actors but I’m starting to get the impression that Craig Robinson can’t act and his role on the office was a fluke. Adam Scott was on Party Down and Parks and Rec so he’ll always get a pass from me.


Yeah I watched it earlier today and they do not team up well together.

Sorta makes me sad, as I like the premise.


Oh, he can act…


I caught this and thought it was funny. It helped that they were focused heavily on political humor which generated big laughs. Not sure they can do that every episode.

I also caught Wisdom of the Crowd. I like Jeremy Piven, and I know this is his vehicle (executive producing in addition to starring), but the show just felt too derivative of other shows, especially Person of Interest. I’ll watch a couple of more episodes to see where it goes, but if it doesn’t develop it’s own identity soon, I’m out.

I was happy to see Designated Survivor return (didn’t realize it was coming back this week). They pretty much picked up right where they left off, and so far Evan from Royal Pains seems like he’ll make a good addition to the cast.

If anyone missed the premier of The Gifted the other night and was at all interested, I’d recommend watching online or on demand. It was good, better than I expected it to be honestly. I watched with my daughter, and we were expecting a CW-style teen X-men, but what we got was much better written and more exciting than we’d hoped for. Thumbs up.


Wisdom of the Crowd it’s like a less interesting (but less stupid) version of last year’s APB.


I watched the first episode of 9JKL or whatever its called, and it sucked. Horrible comedy.
Also the new show Me Myself and I, was not good either.

My DVR schedule lightening up.


9JKL is two and a half men quality with all the laugh track hits and winks/nods to the camera. It’s horrible.

Me Myself and I is entertaining enough.


Awwww, I was hoping they could make a good show out of that one. I really liked the premise.

There’s still hope!


Watched the premiere of The Mayor…and was disappointed. For a show that was touted as being a worthy addition to the already stellar ABC 30-minute comedy stable, I found the premiere to be kind of lacking. His mom and his best friends were far more entertaining than the main character. Obviously premiere rules apply, so I’ll give it a couple more episodes.

Two episodes into The Brave and I’m finding it to be less ridiculous than expected. It kind of scratches that “24” itch with non-stop action split between the field team and the operations folks. I like it better than it’s twin SEAL Team so far.




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I enjoyed the return of Curb, I didn’t think anyone else watched as the last thread I could find was for season 7 a few years ago.

Also FYI , if you have Amazon Prime all 8 seasons are free for streaming.


Also, the new season opener was outstanding.


That link does not work for me. :p




Has anybody tried the Stranger Things game?

Game of the Day: Stranger Things: The Game


The second episode of the 11-years-later Will and Grace was pretty good.
I just hope that McCormack’s work on this show doesn’t interfere with the awesome Travelers series on Netflix.
Is there a go-to site where one can check on a show’s ratings?


You could try tvbythenumbers.


Oh, so they’re not their own domain anymore. Thanks for the link. The second episode was better than the first BTW. It’s kind of a shame that the ratings dropped the second week.

And Brooklyn Nine Nine is still hilarious.


So…my daughter and I decided to record and watch a new SyFy series called Ghost Wars. We knew pretty much nothing about it other than the title and a 20 second TV spot for it we saw that made it look somewhat interesting, and she’s into ghost stuff…so…yeah.

The show stars Avan Jogia, a name you won’t know unless your daughter was a huge fan of the teen show Victorious (starring Victoria Justice) a few years ago. He plays the son of a psychic who has inherited her ability to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead. At the shows start, he is back in his hometown, a small island town off the coast of Alaska, and he’s not very welcome, being seen as a freak who’s mom supposedly cursed the town somehow. People start mysteriously dying, and by the end of the episode it’s clear that the spirits of the dead have an axe to grind with the living on this island, and only Roman (Jogia’s character) can save everyone.

The production values are mediocre at best. There obviously wasn’t a huge SyFy funded budget for this series. The acting runs the range from good for TV to completely wooden. The story is full of loopholes and makes little sense so far. I’d pretty much write the entire thing off as a giant piece of crap except for one thing…the cast.

  • Kim Coates is a major character
  • Tim Guinee shows up for an episode as the sheriff
  • Philip Granger has a recurring role
  • Meat Loaf is a main character
  • Vincent D’Onofrio is a preacher, also a main character, and to be honest, I thought HE was Meatloaf at first…man, he has not aged well.

Basically the cast is a whole bunch of people you recognize as secondary and supporting characters from all over TV and movies. I’m not sure how it’s possible that a show with this many competent experienced actors can be this bad…so I’m kind of hoping it was pilotitus and the show evens out a bit in the next couple of episodes. At the very least I’m going to hang on to see how D’Onofrio and Coates handle their roles.

I am by no means recommending the show however. Just thought I’d post my observations.


Watched the 2nd episode of Ghosted, and it continues to not be good. Off the DVR!