Fall 2017 TV shows (returning and new)


You’re being way too nice.


So, did anyone catch 60 minutes last night? When I first started watching 60 minutes back in 1991, I was amazed at the journalism they sometimes did, exposing big companies and politicians. Other times I hated their tactics, railroading interviewees, forcing them to look bad. My main thinking in the late 90s became: If 60 Minutes ask you for an interview, you say no, no matter what.

But I continue to watch occasionally, and they still manage to come up with stories sometimes that really surprise me. Last night was one of those stories.

The headline doesn’t really do the story justice. You have to see it for yourself to believe it. It’s about 28 minutes long, but worth sitting through. And I have to admit, the very last sentence blew me away, because I’d been primed for it for 27 minutes.

If you don’t have time for the video, the link there also has the whole thing in text-article form as well.


Any relation to the disgraced stand-up?


Wisdom of the Crowd is done, low ratings and the Piven sexual misconduct killed it.


Ok so I do love some cheesy shows, heck I watched and loved Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Falling Skies.

So I am excited that The Librarians is coming back next week! Season 4! Yay!


Kind of sad about Wisdom of the Crowd, as I was enjoying it for what it was. Piven’s character was pretty one-dimensional, but I liked many of the secondary characters.

I’m still watching Gifted, and man, it is absolutely my surprise guilty pleasure of the season thus far. Interesting characters, decently written, good use of source material and background and plenty of action weekly, it’s been a fun ride. I hope the ratings have been good.

The Mayor has vastly improved over it’s premiere episode. Very well written with good comedic timing and subtle jokes in every episode.

Also still watching both The Brave and SEAL Team. Still think The Brave is the better show overall, though SEAL Team seems to have more focus on their home lives as well, which is interesting. The shows are so similar, right down to the episode plots, that I sometimes have trouble keeping them apart. It makes me wonder if originally there was a team of people pitching a single show, they had a falling out, and then split to pitch two shows to different networks.

God help me, I am also still watching Ghost Wars. It’s bad, really bad, but I really like Kim Coates and he’s a main character now so… I also think the story would make for a great video game. I can’t imagine it gets renewed though…it’s terrible.


The Librarians is so stupid it’s enjoyable!


Isn’t it made by the people behind Leverage? How is it compared to that?


That snuck up on me. Didn’t realize Librarians was returning next week. Very excited.

It’s different than Leverage, but I think you’ll like it.


I watched a whole episode of The Brave the other day with my sister wondering the whole time when David Boreanaz was gonna show up.


I guess this is the thread to mention how impressed I am with Search Party’s second season. The first season improved with every episode and its finale was perfect. The central mystery was resolved in such a way that everything clicked for me and made me think, “yes, this is exactly what would happen in this situation.” It was so good and complete that I did not see how they could follow it up from a narrative standpoint, let alone a quality standpoint, and I assumed the second season would be terrible. It’s not. In fact, I’m enjoying the second season more to this point than the first (it’s much funnier) and the main actors are all so good in their roles. I doubt the finale—airing Sunday—tops the first season’s (how could it?), but I am so glad it came back for another season. That said, I really do not see how a third could possibly work, but I’m happy to be wrong again.


It’s kinda winter now, break for the fall shows. Which means Better Late Than Never is back, filling in some of the gap. I found it hilarious last year when they went to Asia, and this year they’re going to Europe. Best bits are Bradshaw and Shatner ripping on each other.

Better Late Than Never

Winter TV news:


Anyone watch any of the new shows?

Friend told me LA to Vegas is decent and he is sticking with it.

Also I watched the first episode of 911 and liked it.


I watched the pilot for LA to Vegas and found it charming, which is a strong start for a pilot I think. The DVR didn’t pick up episode 2 for some reason so I’ll watch it on FOX.com I suppose, and I do see the next episodes are on my TiVO’s To Do List so not sure what happened there but hopefully they get recorded without issue.


Counting ER coming to Hulu as “returning”, here’s a list of 10 Great ER Episodes from Alan Sepinwall.

I’m going to watch at least some of these.


Season 2 of Taken first episode pretty much killed my interest in this interesting niche show. It was uniqueish, now its person of interest 2.0 or Mcguyver. No resolution for the Asha story line…ug.


My feelings exactly. My wife and I enjoyed the first season (half season?) and were looking forward to a return. The first episode of said return felt like we’d missed an entire season somehow! Nearly all the original characters are gone and the plot has completely changed, all with very minimal setup and explanation. It took us a few minutes to ever realize that his incarceration was the direct result of the finale from the previous run, when he stayed behind and essentially sacrificed himself to buy the rest of the team time to get away.

Then, in the course of a single episode, they change the entire structure of the show. Now it’s basically the same deal as the Blacklist spinoff (Redemption), where a “private” company full of ex-spooks, ex-soldiers, ex-criminals and hackers takes on jobs the government can’t be involved in, with the twist that most of them will involve shutting down human trafficking rings somehow.

I guess they figured the original premise was too close to SEAL Team and The Brave, two new shows this season that already have military teams taking on bad guys around the globe. Still, it feels like Taken was originally cancelled, then redesigned and brought back at the last minute to fill a time slot. Not sure we will be continuing with it.


Actually he was so emotional from Asha having her throat slit he basically shot him in the head knowing the Mexican police would shoot him. So he got shot, Asha survived, but no discussion of the consequences of that. It they had at least shown him making a phone call to get closure to that event I would have been able to stay engaged but this retcon was so alt reality it was basically a new show less fun or evolved. Speaking of which isn’t the new girl from Seal Team as well? I didn’t verify it, but that is who I see when I see her, which make this even more jarring since one of the actors from Season 1 of Taken is now over on Seal Team LOL


Jessica Camacho plays Santana, the new girl who is an expert in logistics and supply, and she is from The Flash and before that Sleepy Hollow. She’s a good actress, and gorgeous as well.

I don’t think Taken and Seal Team traded any cast members, at least none I recognize.