Fall 2018 TV shows (returning and new)


Pilots are out for the upcoming fall season, lots of new shows on the way!

TVline has a pretty good calendar up.

Preview photos of some of the new fall shows:


Jesus Christ, what is US TV’s obsession with the military justice system?


I went over the 35 new shows mentioned in the 2nd link. I am not sure I want to watch any of them. :)


Yeah, they pretty much all look horrible. I see Fillion has gone from playing a guy playing at being a cop to just playing a cop.


Yeah the trailer was actually cringe worthy for me. Seriously thats the best role he was offered since Castle?


Dear God, how does someone write this with a straight face? If I were trying to parody network TV stereotypes I couldn’t do it better:


Success begets copycats. And the NCIS shows are very successful for CBS.


Hey, The Enemy Within, another show about a super criminal being held in jail who they need to get out so she can help them capture another super criminal!

None of those shows looked interesting to me. More time for gaming!


What is the time period/word about Fargo this year?


LOLOL More likely 2020.


Dammit! But Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle? Interesting…

On Fargo “Hawley also recently revealed that the upcoming fourth season will take place in the past, and before Season 2’s storyline in 1979.”

Which also pleases me


Abby’s has a great cast. I’m hoping that one will be good.

I also love the leads of Happy Together but a) it’s CBS and b) it has a laugh track so it’s going to be terrible. :(


They’re remaking Charmed?

Jesus, dude.


Yep, I don’t have high expectations for it.


I just went through all 35 shows and I do not want to watch a single one of them.


We live in strange times, where most of my TV shows I currently now watch are on the CW network. D:


AND Roswell…


Roswell was a high-school show, even though the pitch is similar. I have a soft spot for high-school shows. And Shiri Appleby.


And Magnum PI. And Murphy Brown.


I remember watching re-runs of Murphy Brown as a teen and sorta liking it. This is more of a continuation of it than a remake from what I can tell.

I remember seeing Joe Regalbuto on it the first time, and having Street Hawk flashbacks. :D