Fall 2018 TV shows (returning and new)


Well actually, Murphy is not a reboot!

But yeah… Lots of old IP getting recycled.


Out of these, I’m only intrigued by “The Kids Are Alright”, since it’s set in the 70s. I can’t get enough of that decade if it’s done well.

And secondly, All American. I used to not be interested in high school football at all, but Friday Night Lights was so good.


Well, guess the good stuff will be on streaming services.

I was one of 11 people who watched the original New Amsterdam, which wasn’t bad. The new one only shares the name, not the concept.


I also watched New Amsterdam! Homies for life!


I guess this is all network TV? Yeah, I’m shocked when network shows turn out to be worth watching, not the other way around.

I could see Manifest turning out interesting (or being another supernatural mystery show with no plan or direction, more likely), and I enjoyed The Passage so could theoretically see that being good (but it probably would have needed to be on cable). Not tuning in to either day and date though.


I made a post about it in the other thread (2017 TV) before this thread was around. Add me to the list, but I preferred “Forever” which was the same show.



Oh, nice, I wanted to go to that Conchords show but it was £50.

Also: Bojack! The Good Place! The Deuce! The Man In The High Castle! Camping! Actually, don’t know if the last one will be any good but I like the British show it was based on.


Man I’m so happy I use trakt.tv to notify me when shows are available. Otherwise it’d be impossible to remember what’s on each streaming network and when.


Geeze. I just read the TOS and privacy policy of trakt.tv. I’m really liberal about sharing personal info and I don’t pirate TV/movies, but I’m not opting in to that service.


What specifically?

For what it’s worth, I don’t use any tools which automatically track what I’m watching. I just manually mark off episodes as watched from the website.


I use My Episodes.



I’ve used trakt.tv for a couple of years now, never had any problems. Not that I know everything they’re doing behind the scenes, but I’ve not noticed any increases in spam mail or whatever.


Saturday’s still get no love, I see. Unless you’re a fan of 48 hours.

Wait, there’s a show called Versailles on a channel called Ovation on Saturdays too! (The Flight of the Concord is a one time event so it doesn’t count as a series).


British friends…Hold the Sunset is available for us Yanks on Britbox…worth it?


Hadn’t even heard of it until now.


I was just listening to a WTF podcast with Bobcat Goldthwait, and he was talking about this show he made for TruTV called Misfits and Monsters. As he was talking about it, Marc said it sounded like a comedy/horror version of Black Mirror, so my ears perked up.

Has anyone seen the show?


Most new and returning shows all starting this week!

911 season 2 tonight! :D


Anyone else catch Manifest last night?

It’s about a flight from Jamaica to New York that passes through some kind of storm and the passengers go through some kind of time portal I guess, since they go from 2013 to 2018 in an instant.

I loved the premise, and the setup is there for a wonderful drama about so many characters trying to catch up and deal with suddenly being transplanted into the future.

But, it turns out the show has more shenanigans going on. These people hear voices in their heads now, telling them what to do. I’m not sure I like where this is going.

Still, I’m a sucker for time travel of any sort, so I’m in for at least a few episodes. I just hope they don’t go supernatural and ground the show in science somehow.


I just hope they don’t go supernatural

You didn’t watch the trailer did you?