Fall 2018 TV shows (returning and new)


If you can find the British Camping, check it out. It’s great and, from what I hear about the US one, very different.


A Million Little Things has improved its prospects mainly by finding its floor at 0.8 (for now).

The two new series in the most trouble at the jump are Magnum PI and I Feel Bad, both of which look headed for “cancellation”, such as it’s done now.


The Conners finished at a 2.4 for the debut episode. That’s going to fall off in a major way, but a solid start.

The Kids Are Alright did a pretty robust 1.4; excellent for a half-hour sitcom debut.

Nathan Filion’s new joint which is either hated or loved, depending on the level of hyperfan delusion, The Rookie, is in “Uhhhh” mode with a 1.0.


It never even occurred to me to watch this. Just way to similar to Castle. But, I did like Castle and I enjoy Nathan Fillion. What’s my problem, then? No idea. I think I saw it on hulu, so maybe I’ll check the pilot out this weekend. Not something I’m excited about, I think I’d prefer he latched onto something different, project-wise.


Stana Katic was the star of Castle (though Nation Fillion also had a prominent role on the show). Is Fillion the main character in the Rookie, or is it someone else?

I always thought it was funny that the show was called Castle, and Fillion was the title character, but the way the show was structured, he wasn’t the main character that the show was focused on.


I think we were watching two very different shows.


It could be, I only watched the first season.


And the same day I type that Magnum PI may be in trouble, it picks up a full season order of episodes. Bodes kinda well, then, although it was only a 7-episode order and not a full back 9.


I am a fan of Castle (at least the first few seasons). I watched the pilot of The Rookie and found it uninspired and unengaging.


This is good news for me, I’m really enjoying this one.


I think they got double that from the people that watched it in the following 7 days after it was televised. What sort of ratings do you need to get renewed for another season?


There’s no exact science for it. A 0.6 rating is fine for some shows in certain time slots, while a 1.0 can be the clang of doom. Factors from how many episodes have previously aired (for future rebroadcast/syndications/streaming sales), production costs and production studios (NBC is more likely to renew an NBC/Uni show; last spring when Brooklyn 99 was canceled by FOX, one consideration was that the show was produced by NBC/Uni) all matter.

What I can say is that at this point, Live +3 and Live +7 ratings are a wholly manufactured broadcast network thing, and still the only ratings number that really matters is still Live + same day ratings. Those are the ones advertisers care about, and they’re the ones who write the checks.


Same here. It’s gotten a little better with each episode, settling down and becoming more “Magnum-like”, with single episode plots that play off the classic Magnum P.I. theme of helping people in need and/or helping his friends. It hits all my nostalgia buttons while also being different enough from the original to be interesting in its own right. Glad to hear it’s going to continue.


Gave 2 episodes of the new Charmed a shot, not for me. Off the DVR you go!

I did enjoy the first episode of The Rookie, and will be trying to keep up with that on a weekly basis.


The Rookie remains pretty damn great, be interesting to see what they do if it gets a 2nd season, as they can’t be rookies for 2 years. :p


Agents of Shield renewed for season 7.


Fuck. Yes.

Still my favorite of all the super hero shows, and has been for years. Probably since season 2 or so, I think.


So I am burning through the new season Murphy Brown, its just alright, some jokes are decent but it feels like its trying too hard.

I have 5 left on the DVR so I’ll finish it up. I don’t think it will get a 2nd season.


Yeah, it’s been canceled.


January calendar is up over at tvline: