'Fall-guy' in Britain's Iraq Intel scandal found dead

They’re playing rough on the other side of the pond

In other emerging scandal news, the ‘White House Official’ that Sen. Durbin claimed Tenet identified in closed hearings as pressing the CIA for the inclusion of the African uranium reference in the SOTU speech has been identified as National Security Council non-proliferation pointman Robert Joseph. Joseph will clearly have some questions to answer on Captol Hill.

[edit: fixed name and added link for Robert Joseph]

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was found that Bush held the good doctor down while Blair strangled him.

I think Bush and Blair both have good alibi for the evening in question.

They haven’t officially identified the body yet, much less the cause of death. He must’ve been under very great pressure from his superiors at the Ministry of Defence, who could threaten him with prison for violation of the Official Secrets act.

WTF’s Lee Majors doing in England?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Robert Joseph is the real fall guy.

They’ve just released news that he’s been formally identified by his wife, and also the results of the post mortem. He committed suicide via pills and wrists. Blairs govenrment is in big trouble now. It’s about to blow up in his face.