Fall TV 2012 - The new shows look horrible edition!

So I came across the Fall TV preview over on the TV Guide site while reading up on some summer shows I am watching, and seriously this might be the worst upcoming Fall TV season ever, of all time. 39 new series for 2012-2013 will be thrown at us viewers, if they are lucky maybe 6 or 7 of these new shows might make it.



So far I have mild interest in:

Vegas (CBS)
666 Park Avenue (ABC)
The Revolution
[ B[/B]](http://www.nbc.com/revolution/)

Crossbones?!? Well, this corsair has to at least give anything pyratical a chance! And Terry O’Quinn and the devil in league? Well, that too.

Looks like even more time for gaming and clearing my Netflix queue this year.

666 sounds like a rip off of the BBC show Bedlam.
Revolution looks cool, but I find that kind of show never pay off.
Would love to see more shows and studios get with the less seasons is better program take a hint from British TV.
Once upon a time was fun show for a season. I don’t need a 2nd season much less 7.

The Revolution? Really? “a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist”.

Err. What? That line makes my head hurt.

Who knew the heat death of the universe would make for gripping telly?

Revolution pilot is better than it looks in ads. I’m willing to give Kripke some room to work. I believe that the real pitch here is that electricity went away.

Last Resort is the new show from Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers, Chicago Code) and the only reactions I have heard to date have been super positive. It’s basically Crimson Tide, if the sub ultimately decided to found a small nation. Andre Braugher and the intedeterminately ethnic lady from Dollhouse (Dichen Lachman) are in it.

Expect 666 Park Avenue to be intermediately dumb, though possibly watchable. I’m also not entirely sure how that night ends up flowing. The time slot pitches it as mature, but the concept is…less so, and I’m not sure about John Locke as The Devil. Dudes should have just gone out and gotten Ray Wise.

Arrow will get an audition. Smallville was good enough to go ten seasons and keep all the comic fans pleased (I came in so late that catching up wasn’t a practical option), so I’ve got no reason to think that this show can’t work.

Beauty and the Beast gets maybe six episodes. I’m most interested in the fact that this is a sequel/reboot of the series that launched Ron Perlman on a completely different network. If it manages the Vampire Diaries gambit and stops being about the inexplicable love connection and instead focuses on, you know, cool shit, it could work out well, and that’s why it gets six episodes (as long as it took VD to clear up).

Cult gets watched when it shows up in midseason. Jo from Supernatural and Robert Knepper? I’d give it a shot even if it didn’t have an interesting premise.

Elementary will get a screening and we’ll go from there. It’s doing a lot of things wrong as compared to the British series, but it does at least one thing right, in that it will get 20+ episodes, instead of one and a half a year.

The Following gets an audition in midseason. I’m not onboard with the inexplicable Kevin Bacon love, but it could be good.

Golden Boy gets an audition for Chi McBride.

Hannibal gets an audition for Bryan Fuller involvement, and also because it WILL run all of its episodes, because it’s financed the same way as The Firm was this year.

Zero Hour sure as hell sounds like the opposite of Michael Shermer, but that’s weird enough to get a shot.

Everything else, I’ll watch the pilot unless I hear absolutely nothing about it and make a call at that point. There are a few in there that could be perfectly serviceable fare.

Last Resort is the only thing I’m really excited about.

Indeed, from that list it was the only one that sounded slighty interesting.


At first glance everything looks horrible, but that’s always been true for the new TV seasons!

While I agree the Last Resort sounds sort of interesting, seems to me like every episode will consist of the US government launching Navy Seals to take out the sub, since I am pretty sure the government frowns on people walking off with US property and declaring that it’s now theirs.

Sturgeon’s Law applies to television as much as it does to anything else.

Zero Hour, Vegas and Revolution all sound interesting, but will probably all have a hard time meeting expectations. Arrow sounds like it’s destined for “Cape”-like failure. Crossbones and Revolution will both suffer from “Terra Nova” effect, i.e. they will become too expensive to produce should they not be runaway hits right out of the gate.

Of all the comedies previewed, I think I like “Go On” the best. Matthew Perry has been good in everything he’s tried post-Friends, and this new show sounds more like the excellence of “Studio 60” than the mediocraty of “Mr. Sunshine”.

The end result is that I’m going to need to watch something, as I’ve got gaps to fill from last fall now that “House” is gone for good and “Alcatraz”, “The River” and “Terra Nova” were all cancelled.

Arrow, at a minimum, has a better creative pedigree than The Cape ever did. There’s a question as to whether it’s even remotely possible to make an arrow shootin’ guy a plausible hero, but if they get over that hump, it should just be Smallville again, with whatever that implies.

Your analysis for Revolution is also misplaced because you’re not taking the network into account. You know why Awake finished its run? Because it was on NBC. NBC is in a position where a show has to fail with the sort of enthusiasm you might associate with a Lone Star in order to become completely uneconomical to produce. Also, Terra Nova’s production expense wasn’t necessarily what got it canned. Its production schedule, however, might have, because Fox was in flux and the call for that show in particular absolutely had to be made early simply because of the turnaround time. If they had it all to do over again, I’m not sure that Terra Nova gets dropped - it was, after all, doing adequately enough for Monday, and not much else on Fox’s schedule managed to hit it big last year. Basically New Girl and…well, there you go. Down to the wire, maybe it still loses a renewal to Touch because Jason O’Mara doesn’t give Kevin Reilly a handy quite the same as Kiefer Sutherland does, but it wouldn’t be a foregone conclusion.

Crossbones and Mockingbird both aren’t even tentatively on the schedule yet, so I’m not sure where they’ll shake out. We’ll probably find out more when winter gets a little bit closer. Crossbones might or might not end up being pricey - it’ll all depend on how the show gets produced. If it goes full Sanctuary (terrible idea, but we’re just blue skying here), it can keep things manageable, and even if it doesn’t, you’re probably only looking at a Crusoe level budget. I can’t find any casting information at all, but a significant chunk of the cost will come down to talent.

The end result is that I’m going to need to watch something, as I’ve got gaps to fill from last fall now that “House” is gone for good and “Alcatraz”, “The River” and “Terra Nova” were all cancelled.

Doctor Who starts again in the fall.

Your gaming backlog, to-read pile, and Netflix queue must not be nearly as impressive as mine.

Let’s be clear: Studio 60 was terrible.

I’d forgotten about that. Excellent! It seems like it’s been forever since I last saw a new episode. Also, more Luther please.

My gaming backlog is huge, but the wife gets testy if I disappear into the office early on in the evening to game. “TV Time” is quality time when you’ve got children who need to be in bed by 9:00 PM, so we need something to watch together. Then at 10:00 or 11:00 I’m free to tackle backlog…

Whoa! What!? I actually really liked Studio 60. Sure a couple of the characters were trite and the occasional side plotline was silly, but overall the 3 or 4 main characters were all well acted and the show was well written. I also really liked the insider look into producing a “SNL” type show, though I wish they’d concentrated a little more on that and less on some of the aforementioned silly side plots.

Kripke? Ryan? Sooooooooo sold.

I was a fan of S60 as well. The show was inconsistent and had some significant problems, but I still liked it enough that I bought the DVD and still watch the full season once or twice a year, because it had a lot of great moments that are still better than 99% of what’s on TV now.

Which is partially why I keep hoping Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet eventually land in some good shows. I know the odds are probably against it, but I’ll be rooting for “Go On” nonetheless.

Personally, though, it’s too early for me to start thinking about the fall season. The summer season is here with a dozen USA shows, Futurama returns tomorrow, Newsroom starts Sunday, and there’s other stuff like baseball, BBQs and the beach jockeying for my time. I generally don’t start thinking about the fall season until Labor Day and the NFL kicks off.