Fallen London creators to help you catch up on your Dragon Age

Title Fallen London creators to help you catch up on your Dragon Age
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When November 1, 2014

http://youtu.be/bEd2wtdnLpA Anyone who's spent time with Fallen London can tell you there are no better writers in the videogame business than Failbetter Games..

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I am so happy about this news, and I'm looking forward to it more than I am Dragon Age 3. (Because Bioware is going to need to really sell me on DA3 after the disaster that was Dragon Age 2.)

I don't want to answer 300 questions, I want to import my savegame. And then I want my Warden (and, well, maybe even my Hawke) to have some kind of appearance. I wouldn't even mind if it's just a cameo or something. But unfortunately that's not gonna happen. Apparently only my decisions are important (but probably not that important, I would guess, judging from the huge impact of a DA:O savegame on DA2)...

I always liked games where you could import a savegame from a previous part. Quest for Glory, for example, or, well, Mass Effect. Mass Effect. Wait... wasn't that from Bioware as well? They should know better, right? But then again, it's the same company that screwed up the import of a Shepard face that was created in ME1. Maybe I'm part of a minority that cares about things like that...

Have you tried the Keep yet? It only takes a few minutes to import your Origin data and then you can select the hero (save game) you want - that imports the selected save game into your default world state for both DA and DA2. THEN, if YOU WANT, you can further tweak individual things AND watch a little story play out based on the character (saved games) you selected.

Yeah but it still uses the default Hawke regardless of which one you chose it still uses the default cannon look for Hawke either male or female in Inquisition. Really all the Dragon Keep does is take a selected few choices in the first 2 games and sets a default world state. It's doubtful even half of those choices show up in Inquisition as mattering one bit one way or the other, but then again that's fairly typical of Bioware the last few years. They are in constant marketing speak mode.

DA2? Side with the mages you fight both Meridith and Orsino, side with the templars? Fight both Meridith and Orsino, Mass Effect 3 your choices matter zero over 3 games it's still the same 3 colored orbs regardless. Bioware has this history of claiming choices matter, but really they never do.

Dragon Age Keep doesn't seem to be able to find the Warden I actually finished Origins with, so... yeah, great job so far. So I can pick from the defaults, or the character I played about halfway through.

I guess it doesn't matter, since they make it pretty clear that we're not actually ever going to see these characters in the game? And that there won't ever be an actual real save import feature, just this weird half-measure that doesn't seem to work from my first impressions? This isn't increasing my hype levels for a game I already wasn't really expecting much from.

OK, so... the Keep doesn't actually seem to do any importing at all - I can't import my Warden for whatever reason, but I can import my Hawke, and the details are all wrong (well, most of them are - some appear to be correct just based on random luck).

Looking at the forum associated with the Keep, this is by design - the Keep doesn't import your character's save at all. It just imports the picture and name.

You're expected to go through and manually check each individual choice to whatever... which seems pretty impossible to me at this point. 5-ish years after finishing Origins, I have no idea who Deygan is, much less how I treated him when I met him in the Brecilian Forest. I can, at best, remember who I romanced, who died or survived, and the "big" decision spots.

Someone please let me know if I'm getting this wrong somehow - I'd sure love to find out that I'm just doing something wrong, and that there is actually a functioning save importer somewhere in the Keep. At the moment I'm definitely not pumped about the prospect of doing a couple of hours of wiki-diving to try to reconstruct my Dragon Age 1 and 2 playthroughs in multiple-choice format.

Well, yes. That's another thing... you really have to tweak individual things because a lot of choices / details aren't imported correctly.
And as TIm St Pierre points out, this only gives me the default Warden/Hawke, not my individual ones I spent so much time on/with. The ones I would like to encounter again.

You've done it right. Although it should import your old warden as well. I spent half an hour going through Keep last night with the wiki open. I think I had to look everything in DA2 up.

uh... when I did it I was able to pick between the actual Hawke characters I used to play DA2. Not sure what to tell you there.

I was able to as well, but in Inquistion the character model the game will actually use is default Bioware cannon Hawke, even the devs have confirmed that.

And that makes sense, given they would have to otherwise import a DA2 3D character face into an entirely different engine otherwise. Is THAT the complaint? I thought his complaint was he couldn't import his save game from DA2 into The Keep?

My complaint was that despite Bioware claiming choices matter, they generally don't.

This is how I look forward to be doing it too. I think this is a cool way to import a little personal touch from previous games. I know it's a marketing tool but people seem to be awful cranky about a pretty cool feature that at least tries to adress the compatibilty issues of a new console generation.

Oh, and I take it that it's open to the public now, last time I checked only beta users could get in?

Yeah that's it open to all. I think it's best power as a tool is that now we can just create the save we want rather than have to power through 80 hours of Origins and 40 of DA2. I didn't mind DA2 as much as others but I couldn't face having to play through it again.

Well, yes. That was at least my complaint. Sorry for the confusion. English isn't my first language and I sometimes struggle to express myself properly. My issue was about importing my savegame into Inquisition, not into the Keep. And I'm aware that different engines are involved - I don't know enough about programming to comprehend how much of an obstacle this is or if it's even possible at all. I just wanted to say that I love it when I can import savegames and both decisions and customized characters are carried over and I find it very sad that I won't be able to do that for DA:I. I think there are way to few games that do this and I was already disappointed when my Warden didn't make an appearance in DA2. I was hoping for part 3 the whole time...