Falling Frontier wants to redo Space RTS

OK so space RTS barely ever existed lol, so this is an interesting and somewhat exciting take on it. Been seeing a lot more activity on-line talking about it of late so thought it might deserve its own thread. It’s got gorgeous visuals and excellent technicals grounded in reality. Hopefully the campaign will be riveting to keep us engaged. I get “The Expanse” kind of vibe from the story.


Recalibrate your /s detector ;-)


I’m getting slightly worried this is going to be all style and no substance, but damn it looks pretty.

You took the thoughts right out of my head. As good as some of the videos look from a technical standpoint, I’ve yet to see something of substance gameplay wise.

Are RTS’ suddenly back in style? There seem to be quite a number either just released or on the horizon. I was sad to see them all fall away to MOBAs, so I’m not disappointed about this, just curious as to the ‘why’.

In terms of Space RTS, has there been anything better since Sins of a Solar Empire?

Some would say Homeworld. I would say Conquest: Frontier Wars.

I’ve played both, and they are both much older than Sins.

Yes. And?

I was going for something released after Sins.

Ohhhh apologies, I misread.

Five Nations is excellent and you should try it.

This all seems unnecessarily harsh. Why don’t we just wait and see, right?

I mean, it’s not a value judgement. It’s just a worry. It’s still my most anticipated game after CoH 3

I didn’t mean it to sound harsh. I’m quite excited for it. But a little concerned about the content outside of tech.

All games I want are fantastic before they release.

MOBAs started off as single unit RTS games that you played as teams, but turned into frame perfect fighting games. Maybe there’s room for RTS games again?

As someone who can’t stand (I’m not posting reaction times!) the frame perfect stuff, I’m quite happy if this is the case. Not that I can play RTS’ worth a damn either, but I at least enjoy being horrible at them.

What is that?