Falling Frontier wants to redo Space RTS

I translate it in my head as “being skilled”.

Oh hahaha

Don’t think there’s any new info here but some relatively extended gameplay/UI footage.

Gotta love a game with ice geysers on Enceladus.

I get a crazy number of ads for game this on facebook.

Welp, guess I’m gonna have to buy this then!

looks great! i’m not normally RTS but this looks like it might just be :)

I really love the slow-moving tactics of large battleships a lot more, than the faster things we get in most games. This reminds me a lot of Battlestar Galactica, especially the missiles - loving it!

Man those gunners are terrible shots.

Looks very nice, and the realism vibe looks interesting, but I wish they had showed off more … strategy in your real time strategy game than just selecting two ships and clicking on ‘attack’ this single target.

The friendly fire moment was funny.

Ohhhhh neato!

2025 now.

Dang, that is a long ways away.

Get a load of that hot Enceladus action:

Holy wows this game looks good.

ObsidianAnt was also given some footage:

It looks amazing. Unfortunately I am so bad at RTS I had to stop buying them.

I think you need a specific type of brain to be good at RTS’s, and not everyone has it.
Which, is a big reason with MOBA’s and the like ate their lunch…

I play Age of Empires on the slowest speed. That helps.