Fallout 3 $35 at Walmart, Dec 3, 2008

Heads up.

CLARIFICATION: PC VERSION For sure, because I bought it.

But you have to go to Walmart :{

Do we know if this is the 360 version or the PC version?

Have to? How about “get to?”


Sadly, this offer is not available at all Walmarts, as I discovered about 20 minutes ago. :(


Amazon has Fallout 3 for $35 with free shipping and you don’t have to deal with cashiers who hate their job. :)

You do have to deal with amazon servers that hate you.

Circuit City’s got the PC version for $35 until the 6th. $50 for the 360 version.

Man, I’m glad I picked this up during the GoGamer Thanksgiving sale for $30.