Fallout 3 and JA4

So does anybody have info on it? Will it be like the ES games with first person combat (ie like a shooter)? Would be interesting if it was. Fallout fanatics would commit suicide though if it went FPS…

Personally I’d love an indepth tactical JA4 like if it played like SWAT 4 but with stats n stuff and a huge map.


When was there a JA3? Did I miss this?

From what I last heard theres going to be 2 Jagged Alliance Games:

Jagged Alliance 3D: real-time abomination
Jagged Alliance 3/4?: turn-base

Nothing has really been said about Fallout 3 apart for Petes nonsensical drivel

And finally - how’s Fallout 3 coming along?

We’ve got a lot of folks working on that game now, and what I’ve seen of it so far is looking really good and has me very excited - I’m a big fan. We’re approaching Fallout 3 as if we developed the first and second games - we’re developing it just like we developed Oblivion. Fallout 3 is our baby, we want to stay true to what it is and we want to deliver something that all the fans think is worthwhile. We’re trying to move the series forward, keeping it fresh and cool while staying true to its roots. When we’re ready we’ll let people know, and hopefully people will be excited about some of the ideas we have and some of the stuff we’re up to.

Don’t expect any news on Fallout 3 for a while - it’s not being shown at this year’s e3, as it’s a 2007 game.

All I can and will say is that even the very minor snippets of stuff I’ve seen related to the project looked “very promising”.

I take that statement to mean that they will not seek the counsel of the original creators on matters of the game world. They will take what is known about it, and go from there.

Previous statements from Bethesda suggest Fallout 3 will be first person, but we’ll have to see.

As for Jagged Alliance, there’s lots of info about the action oriented Jagged Alliance 3D but very little about the turn-based game that was also promised. The developer that controls the JA franchise is not in great shape.

Jagged Allience 3D is going to be turn based. this info is from russian developer site. They have cancelled African Allience and piut the work into JA3D and this game was real time fo a while but they changed because of fans outcry. Franky based on screen shots, 3d its not even up to the level of Silent Storm i am not expecting much :(

On the one hand, that seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and is what I would do myself if I were in charge of it.

On the other hand, I keep thinking that exactly such a decision must have resulted in Star Control 3.

Both Jagged Alliance games are in development by MiSTland South who haven’t managed to get anything right so far. Perhaps even worse, MiSTland and Strategy First got into arguments about whether JA3D was turn-based or not - clearly neither of them have a clue.

Considering that by the time Fallout 3 is released (next year at the earliest) it will have been 10 years since the first two, I don’t know what hardcore fans expect. I’m with Chris Avellone, who was the lead on Black Isle’s FO3 for a time, that Fallout is more than just a camera angle. As long as Bethesda captures “it” in an RPG, I’ll be satisfied.

I have yet to enjoy a Bethsoft game but, I’m still hoping for the best on Fallout 3.

And while camera angle isn’t everything it definitely helps or hinders your enjoyment of a game. FP doesn’t bother me, Morrowind’s 3rd person cam did. Right now I’m really enjoying GRAW’s 3rd person view. Great stuff.

Isn’t the Morrowind 3rd person camera pretty much just for taking a quick glance at how cool your character (“Gromph the Barbarian” or what have you) looks in his shiny new armor? I can’t imagine anyone actually trying to play the game that way.


I thought the ass-cam was the default? I tried both views. For some reason I settled on the ass cam. While I didn’t like it, the repetitive nature of the game and the lack of interesting characters are what killed it for me.

You’re probably right; why do all that work of modelling the main character if you’re not going to show it off? I disagree with your other points. Well, I guess I agree with them, but for some reason they didn’t kill the game for me.


Morrowind defaults in first person I think, though it was meant to be played either way. I avoided third-person because I felt the character animation was too clunky.

PC version defaulted to 1st person. Xbox defaulted to 3rd person view.

Yeah. I mean, D&D has gone from flat 2D to iso to 3D with periodic stops in first person along the way, and like WHO CARES as long as it’s a fucking good game made by developers who know how to make a good game us motherfuckers want to play?

I enjoyed Terminator 2029, and it was all downhill from there. I think the Elder Scrolls games have gotten progressively worse with each iteration, but I realize there are people who adore them, so that style is probably just not my thing. I wasn’t too keen on Gothic, either.

Actually, that’s not true. I had a lot of fun with Redguard.